THINGS ONLY 1% OF PEOPLE CAN DO || Impossible Body Tricks By 123 GO! CHALLENGE
This challenge will put your body to the test.
Only 1% of people can do these weird, mind-boggling body tricks. Pretty cool, right?
Think you’re special enough for this challenge? Then try this tricks yourself. Let us know what’s your score in a comment below👇
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  • Per-Mattias Nordkvist
    Per-Mattias Nordkvist


  • Per-Mattias Nordkvist
    Per-Mattias Nordkvist

    This is poop

  • JaikerVang YT
    JaikerVang YT


  • Song 321 and ACTION
    Song 321 and ACTION

    I can only do one of thise

  • Chandrakanta Jaiswal
    Chandrakanta Jaiswal

    I can shape my tongue into the tri-leaf thing

  • Anjali Ramlal
    Anjali Ramlal

    The one with the nose was Easy. Everyone can do that

  • Wahab Namat
    Wahab Namat

    i know all

  • Tejas yogish shetty
    Tejas yogish shetty

    I can bend my pinky completely

  • Marte Berentsen
    Marte Berentsen

    I did the second challenge



  • nebulagachacookie XD
    nebulagachacookie XD

    Things I can do Cross my in different directions at the. Same time Clover touge Side clover t ounge Draw Flexibility Lick my elbow I'm just saying I'm not bragging don't go off commenting rude things

  • Jeremiah King
    Jeremiah King

    I win the it to my name is n aleah

  • sonia memon
    sonia memon

    For the egg trick kevin was doing a different way does that count as a cheat? ✊🏻vickys, 👊🏻kevins SEE!

  • PuBg gamer
    PuBg gamer

    Did you all pass the test

    • PuBg gamer
      PuBg gamer

      Yes I did

  • Pedro Sandache
    Pedro Sandache

    Era limba falsa ce fel se vede limba si culoarea

  • Sotheapisey Kim
    Sotheapisey Kim

    I can do the tentacle tough trick the hand in the mouth and also my cousin could do it.

  • Shikha Kumari
    Shikha Kumari

    I am a girl so I was in Vicky's team I am the winner too please get me chocolates 🍫🍭🍭🍭🍬🍬🍬 🍫🍫🤣🤣🤣

  • Thuan Ho
    Thuan Ho

    I'm a 7 year old girl and I can cross both my fingers

  • Joseph Sobusa
    Joseph Sobusa

    i can do thouse and i am 8 years old

  • arlene antioquia
    arlene antioquia

    i did it all

  • Manju Sharma
    Manju Sharma

    Wowwwwwww it is very nice episode 😀😀😃

  • Si3ter34eva2011

    On second trick Vicky was cheating

  • Abdul Razzaq Ryan Rizal
    Abdul Razzaq Ryan Rizal

    I touched my finger and my pinkie since i was 3 years old

  • levinne cia
    levinne cia

    Challenge number 4 i can do it !!!!

  • The Silent Demon
    The Silent Demon

    I can do all xD like if u can am i wierd....😳😳😅😅

  • The Alvarez Girls
    The Alvarez Girls

    The finger crossing one

  • Desiree Rada
    Desiree Rada

    I’m surprised that the person in the TV can do all of that!!!! She’s amazing!!!

  • coco mahri
    coco mahri

    I love Lana she is my favorite especaly her long pretty hair :)

  • Hailey Johnson
    Hailey Johnson

    move my ears and lick my elbow oh and i am a kid and dont correct my spelling

  • Hailey Johnson
    Hailey Johnson

    i can fold my tugh

  • LPS Kearstin
    LPS Kearstin

    I tried all of those

  • Linita Sanchez
    Linita Sanchez

    I can the secon challenge

  • Neeha Mager
    Neeha Mager


  • Claudia Olvera
    Claudia Olvera


  • Tanja Fulton
    Tanja Fulton

    I had nine points

  • terrence deshield
    terrence deshield

    i can do the tongue thing

  • Tiffany Hechavarria
    Tiffany Hechavarria

    I love you guys

  • Gabs Aguilar
    Gabs Aguilar

    Do any of you wonder what country they are in

  • Dorsun Salt
    Dorsun Salt

    So fake you guys smell like poop

  • Aki Aki
    Aki Aki