There is Nothing Special About This Yandere Simulator Episode (I Promise)
Kubz Scouts
Yandere Dev's Osana progress video:
Yandere Simulator game:
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  • TekashiAgara

    batman trained raibaru

  • Hannah and gavin's channel
    Hannah and gavin's channel

    Challenge: 1.Become a delinqent 2. Ask one of them to follow you 3. Bring them to the traqulizing room and put them in the instrument box 4. Will you be able to kidnap them?

  • the letter h
    the letter h

    Damn i aint played this game for a solid 2 years lol

  • uwu

    Jay, I got one. 1: go into Medusa mode 2: go into Bad Romance Easter egg while in Medusa mode 3: get a student to follow you to the trank room 4: stone them since in another video I saw, when a student is stoned and you’re in bad romance mode, you can talk to them, can you trank them?

  • Abby234 gamer904
    Abby234 gamer904

    lAvE mE aLoNe 😭😭😢

  • Chilomi Stillwell
    Chilomi Stillwell

    I have something to tell you Remember in Budo’s Bio when it said that he liked the previous Martial Art’s master? So I think that might be one way to eliminate Raibaru by matchmaking Budo and Raibaru!

  • Moon Star
    Moon Star

    cuz hes not dpressed

  • uh oh stinky's child
    uh oh stinky's child

    Jay I got one. If Kokona takes her phone call with the headmaster look alike , will the real head master be on his phone. And also your THAT DUDE

  • namya

    p i n c h e p u t o

  • Adelia Sallhag Eriksson
    Adelia Sallhag Eriksson

    I have a myth If u make one of thw bullies get bullied, she will still be in the bullies group... But will she still bully other people even tho shes bullied herself??

  • Hannah and gavin's channel
    Hannah and gavin's channel

    Can you try killing a student clean up all the evidence then get a teacher to follow you. Bring her to the corpse then laugh will the teacher aprehend you without any evidence?

  • Karen Kristine de Jesus
    Karen Kristine de Jesus

    Hey Jay, I have a question: 1.) Kill Info-chan 2.) The next day , check if you can still ask for favor . Can you still ask a favor even if Info-chan is dead?

  • Sophie Martinez
    Sophie Martinez

    Ok ------------------- 1.wait till the bully’s are ALMOST to the gate ------------------- 2.super sonic to the gate and close it ------------------- Will they all get there heads rip/killed or will be fine -------------------

  • Memes Lol
    Memes Lol

    Who else rolled their eyes when he said he knew we were rolling our eyes

  • Daddy chill
    Daddy chill

    8:46 Close your eyes and let your mind go elsewhere...

  • Itz Gacha Carrie Potato
    Itz Gacha Carrie Potato

    Jay,I listened closely to a certain..Video..And I disagree with 2:50.Its Osana’s task!

  • Nicki-Louise Head
    Nicki-Louise Head

    Jay I have a challenge for u on yandere simulator Kill people in order of their hair colour in the order of the rainbow

  • Kennedi Dauer
    Kennedi Dauer

    i thing i have one jay 1.take a pic of osana and rivel chan tacking make sure ribru is on the side that when you do the bullying sean will the mindslave kill rivel chan

  • carlo de guzman
    carlo de guzman

    Can u kill Osana and ribaru with one paunch man? Ur thet DUDE UR THE REAL DUDE

  • littletiger33

    No edit alphabet killer challenge

  • BTS Studios! :3
    BTS Studios! :3

    If you're in the sports club and carry a bat around in front of a camera when there is a corpse will you get arrested?

  • Katherine Vargas
    Katherine Vargas

    I don’t think u still do thos Yandere myths thing but yea If u do can u do me this try and spill blood on every girl and see if you can fill up the changing rooms ⛄️

  • Fwble _
    Fwble _

    Tiddy nice

  • Aqua- San
    Aqua- San

    I HAVE A MYTH Take a picture of musume talking with saki Show to horuda Kidnap saki End the day When horuda is coming to saki kill horuda when horuda is close to saki see what happends

  • Gacha Starlight {Gacha}
    Gacha Starlight {Gacha}

    I got a myth! 1. Grab the box cutter and get it stuck in the box 2. Have a student get it out 3. Get gloves and sab a student in front of someone 4. At the end of the day since the student with the fingerprints get arrested or will you get arrested?

  • Christine Avon sanchez
    Christine Avon sanchez

    Your from philipines

  • TheMusicorn

    Nobody: Jay:”oH bOy gEe wiLiKeRs bAtMan”

  • Sana Anwer
    Sana Anwer

    jay: Imma shut up now me: okay Jay: **talks** me: **theodd1sout "spiders and bees" thumbnail**

  • Thi Truong
    Thi Truong

    Kokona has a match is she still with the man in the city

  • GachaGamer

    What if you join the deilenqesnt and then kill all the members will the club disband or?

  • EvilHiart Midnight
    EvilHiart Midnight

    It's funny he sead "don't to leave the video" and I was about to leave and I was rolling my eyes and then he sead "dont roll your eyes."

  • the game project
    the game project

    im going to give wife the name of B.T Michelle or to put it in the long way big tits Michelle

  • Jessica Keyla
    Jessica Keyla

    Jay. What Will happend of you kidnap someone and then pour gasoline on them and light then on fire?

  • Avocado_kitty :3
    Avocado_kitty :3

    At 9:49 and 9:52 he just predicted what I did I was just confused

  • crystal

    1:45 that is a mic

  • Water Layla
    Water Layla

    Lol I was about to ask something to jay because I was thinking eliminate Osana and join the delinquents and not do the activity the whole week

  • Cats disguised as teletubbies
    Cats disguised as teletubbies

    do yall think Jay knows about the drama with yanderedev?

  • Blackcatmistress

    Do you think you could do a No edit challenge for Yandere Simulator?

  • Ashley Messing
    Ashley Messing

    search up flying fuck, it will kill you with laughter.

  • IIEmiluq Plays
    IIEmiluq Plays

    My game doesnt have the town option?