[T:TIME] HUENINGKAI's snack shopping mission! - TXT (투모로우바이투게더)
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  • Beatriz Bia
    Beatriz Bia

    If i asked to my friend to buy me an ice cream,he probably would eat it😂

  • Cherry-soda-is-bae 2.0
    Cherry-soda-is-bae 2.0

    Soobin likes banana milk! Yes, I feel validated! XDD

  • Xù Mì
    Xù Mì

    I remember when I first knew BTS, I couldn't believe in their hilarious normal life. Now I just knew TXT and I can't believe in their adorable life.

  • Love Yourself
    Love Yourself

    i love him so much my heart hurts

  • Who!? Tae
    Who!? Tae

    5:18 exact jk photocopy

  • Antonia

    Whats the song theyre playing at the beggining. Im a new MOA dont judge

  • slytherin blood
    slytherin blood

    That guy soobin is so kind 💜

  • Sianbhi Gengmei
    Sianbhi Gengmei

    5:27 Beomgyu eating his ice cream. Meanwhile Me: (*heart melting seeing him😍) Wow!🤤 So handsome while he's eating❤️✨

  • suga r
    suga r

    5:48 jungkook or soobin ? :D

  • Oh my Heartu Kpopper
    Oh my Heartu Kpopper

    So hyuka doesn’t leave the bighit building to get snacks. That means he’s walking past some trainees who will debut in the next couple of years. Squeeeeee. So excited for bighit family to grow!

  • RheanApplePie Lolz 2
    RheanApplePie Lolz 2

    Ningning: I wanna prank them Also ningning: ends up not pranking them (for that day :P)

  • Sanna Chan
    Sanna Chan

    Taehyuunn so cute >.< and beomgyu so handsome and beautiful gemesinnn

  • my darling
    my darling

    soobin has beautiful adorable lips

  • 최연준

    5:50 스윗행 물론 형 말고 아이스크림이

  • M LC
    M LC

    Yeonfused xddd🤣🤣🤣🤣❤️

  • Bts foreve Taehung
    Bts foreve Taehung

    Coloquem as legendas em português BR

  • Lionel Gaming jr
    Lionel Gaming jr


  • Loode Tata
    Loode Tata

    5:15 he looks like kook here 🥺🍦

  • Krittika Biswas
    Krittika Biswas

    Hey did you guys notice that bts and txt kind of have same ice cream chioces

  • Pink Ly
    Pink Ly

    Is huening kai rlly that tall?😂😂why are they looking him in above


    Taehyun es aww 🤗💕💖


    Aww verlos comer es lindo y Hueningkai olvidando algunos pedidos xd


    Hueningkai 💕

  • Danielly Caputti
    Danielly Caputti

    Me segue no ti tok o meu nome no tik tok é danieelycaputti

  • shook

    Aren't we gonna talk about when Hueningkai gave Yeonjun water the caption said *yeonfused* 😂😂😂😂😂 imma use that now thanks bighit

  • kwon ikha
    kwon ikha

    Hyuka...What are you being cute for😭

  • Amber AMBER
    Amber AMBER

    Sorryyy a lot of people in the comment are calling huening Kai hyuka and I just want to know when they made this change. I haven't really kept up with txt for a long time and I just want to know. Huening Kai is my bias and I need to call him the right name lol. Pleas tell me Edit: + i mean no hate to moa fandom

  • en do
    en do


  • Esposa de Huening-Kai le soy infiel a Yoongi uwu
    Esposa de Huening-Kai le soy infiel a Yoongi uwu


  • Book Lover12
    Book Lover12

    Yeonjun: blue hair, Soobin: black (or really dark brown) hair, Beomgyu: gray/silver hair, Taehyun: brown hair, clothes are mostly black, HueningKai: brown hair, white hat. HueningKai telling Taehyun he would get him minty ice cream is a joke, because Taehyun doesn't like mint flavor ice cream. The 1st song playing during part of the video was their song Poppin Star. The 2nd song that played during part of the video was their song Angel or Devil. When the subtitles said Yeonfused I think that this will become a big meme like the meme Jungshook. The 1st time I ever saw ice cream that looks like corn on the cob was in the Bangtan Bomb from January 2020 where Jungkook & a couple of the other BTS members were eating ice cream. I looked up the Samanco (the fish shaped ice cream Taehyun was eating) & it's a vanilla ice cream sandwich with red bean paste. There is also one that is vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup, or with strawberry syrup or green tea ice cream with red bean paste.

  • Lucia Elisa de Souza
    Lucia Elisa de Souza


  • Kristine Khuu
    Kristine Khuu

    soobin gives off jungkook vibes

  • R A M Y R A M Y
    R A M Y R A M Y

    tho thweet~

  • chhani ralte
    chhani ralte

    No one Nobody Literally nobody Huening Kai : *T:TIME*

  • Ana Ning
    Ana Ning

    Huening kai 🥰❤❤❤💖

  • H U N N
    H U N N


  • peachy bby
    peachy bby

    Tiktokers ya km 😂

  • Choi Yeonjun
    Choi Yeonjun


  • han hm
    han hm

    Oh my i think they manager, staff and cameramen must always been soft for them. Like taking care of your child baby😔🤙

  • Marshanda Azahra
    Marshanda Azahra

    Soobin so sweet💞

  • Bee Lover
    Bee Lover

    soobin and jungkook need to make banana uyu group

  • Bee Lover
    Bee Lover

    soobin and jungkook need to make banana uyu group

  • bAngTanErs_

    Uwu Soobin just like Jungkook! BANANA MILKKKKKKKKK

  • Sein Marcellinus Magnus
    Sein Marcellinus Magnus

    Huening Kai's American genes are showing. Such dominant height ❣️

  • 오구구오구

    I'm a BTS fan. The blue hair member looks like V!

  • Amy Yañez
    Amy Yañez

    Kai es mi bias

  • Amy Yañez
    Amy Yañez


  • LR

    why are they so adorable

    • LR

      and hyuka so polite at the store

  • vasílissa

    People: I think Beomgyu is the normal one *Me: You sure?*

  • Kamila Mendoza
    Kamila Mendoza

    2 days ago:Yeonfused 🤔 Today: Yeonderella 👗👟

  • Sarimah Mangin
    Sarimah Mangin

    Jungkook: *eat many corn ice cream * Soobin: i love corn ice cream Me: *search how to be corn ice cream*

  • Batrisyia

    WHO TRANSLATE THIS LMAO "Yeonfused" "He's come back gummy-less"

  • Mariella M.S
    Mariella M.S

    Bruh ang subs 3:45 "He gets water, haha" WHAHAH gikatawan rmn nah

  • mayra

    aww my precious babies and their snacks 🥺 i swear i was about to cry when yeonjun got water and was asking hyuka for his snacks 😭😭

  • Julia S.
    Julia S.

    Tho thweet. I repeat: TAEHYUN SAID THO THWEET

  • Amanda Rodrigues
    Amanda Rodrigues

    Why does Soobin look so much like Jungkook at 5:20 Like white shirt and all

  • kim Zainab
    kim Zainab

    هلice مو نفسها الي اكلو منها بتس وسوو نفس الفيد🤔💜

  • kim Zainab
    kim Zainab

    عسل ونوتيلا مش طبيعين😭💜

  • Taehyungie

    I love how they can get and eat whatever they want. Bighit spoil their artists

  • Jinnie Stan
    Jinnie Stan

    Beomgyu : jelly? ya jelly??!! JELLY!!! Soobin : my banana milk??!!! Yeonjun : my chaloksusu, dalgona??!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣