Stela Petrova - Price Tag (X Factor Bulgaria)

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    Loved this girls voice. Peace and blessings from Ireland : )

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    Божее колко си добра 😱😱 Моля те догодина пак да се явиш на кастинг! Уникална! 👏👏👏

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    I LOVED this performance. Best of luck in 2016, Stela!

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    Jessica Marie Duke Kidd

    WOW!!! Stella can sing. Way to go girl from TEXAS, USA...

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    Nikola Pepelishev

    As there were a lot of requests for subtitles, I tried to translate it into English. Please forgive my language, I am not a fluent speaker. Narrator: That's why it was so surprising to see someone who's not that confident in himself. Narrator: Meet Stela Petrova. Stela: Hello Deo: What is your name? Stela: Stela Petrova Deo: Stela, what's up? Stela: I'm a little bit thrilled Stela: I am a student in Veliko Turnovo University and study there graphics design. I've been singing for two years now. A lot of people tell me that I have a specific voice and probably that's to my advatage. I would very like to be a rock-star. Deo: Wish you all the luck. Super - Stela enters the stage - Poly Genova (the judge): Hello Stela: Ah, hello. Poly: What's your name? Stela: Stela Petrova. Stela Petrova Poly: Plug it in, no worries. Maria (the other judge): Yes. Poly: Where are you from? How old are you? Stela: I'm from Stara Zagora, I'm 21 years old. Poly: You play the guitar. Have you ever taken lessons? Stela: Yes, for several years. I have never sung professionally. Poly: What's your education? Stela: High school of fine arts in Kazanlak. Maria: Do you still draw? Stela: Yes. I'm a student in Turnovo right now. The University of Veliko Turnovo. Maria: What do you study there? Stela: Graphics design Maria: I am from Veliko Turnovo. Don't tell anything else, we might be relatives Stela: Ok Vasko Vassilev: What are you going to sing? Stela: A song by Jessie J Maria: Which one? Stela: Price tag Maria: Super. Go on. Stela. Yeah! Stela Petrova, 21 years old from Stara Zagora, non-employed Stela sings Maria: Great! Stela sings Song ends. Stela: Thank you very much! Poly: You're my girl! You're very cool. That was the best Jessie J impression I've seen. I'm her big fan. You're the only one that have felt it and make it that way. You're my girl! I say "yes". Stela: Waaaw Maga (Judge): You're my biggest price today. I would like everyone, that have any desire to be on a competition anywhere to take a good look at you and hear me say: That's the feeling, that's passion, that's a real artist on the stage right now. Maria: That's what I call X-Factor. Stela: I'm speechless Maria: There's no need to say anything Poly: Look at her voice, it's very deep. Vasko: I can bet safely bet on you that you'll be a winner. Stela is shocked. Stela: I'm gonna have a strike. Maria: Please don't before the final. Poly: Please don't. Maria: Colleagues, let's put it to the vote. Vasko: You have a big, real, yes from me. Maria: Fine arts in Bulgaria will miss you, because you'll be very busy with singing. Poly: I already said Vasko: You have 4 times "yes" Stela: Thank you very much. Really much. Poly: We can't wait seeing you again. Stela: I was shivering the whole time and right now I am very excited. I am speechless, I cannot describe the feeling. I haven't expected it. It was a shock for me. Narrator: Stela continues in the show although she has never sung professionally till now.

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    I would love a translation of the judges reactions. Stela Petrova is truly amazing! and GORGEOUS!

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    I have no idea what anyone is saying. I wanted to say that she's really bloody good and also the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I have seen a few btw.

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    Husky sexy voice

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    Killing for subs... Comments sound to be very inpiring! Someone please?

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    Love her voice.

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    Смешно говорят 😂😂😂😂

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    Please put up the subtitles on this Stela. You are amazing. I have been listening to this from so many different singers. I love the song very much from Jessie J, but you did beyond outstanding. Peace

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    Stela such a Very amazing performance ,Your looking Great out here in California . Keep up the Great Work : ]

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    How beautiful is she with a voice sublime and phrasing so right. World class and one of the few that have usurped the original artist, no disrespect to the original but this was superb! Thanks Stela.

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    Her voice is amazing.

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    can someone please tell me the name of the female judge with the shorter hair?

    • Zombe021

      Poli Genova

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    Hey someone that speaks Bulgarian and English needs to put English subtitles to this and put it back up, please. This girl is awesome! I speak Greek fluently but I don't get any of what the judges are saying to her and I really would like to know.

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    I like Stela's version better than Jesse J's. :-P

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      cool sounds good i miss our silly times



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    beautiful voice

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    Bardzo lubię Jessie J, ale tę piosenkę najbardziej lubię w wykonaniu Steli.

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    Perfect, just perfect!! I love it!!Such a lovely Face, and this VOICE!!!

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    She's got the most beautiful eyes ever.....

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    Maria ILIEVA

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    I am brazilian fan

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    better than jassyj parformance :)))

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    So good, I mean great: D greetings from Bosnia: D

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="57">0:57</a> for game of thrones fans ,,,thumps up if u know what i mean

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    Thats was perfect!!! The Smile, the Fun, the Charme...Hair, aaaand this unbelieviable Voice!!! The later videos are, hummm, I won´t say boring, but.... Did U noticed this VOICE??? ^^ Pure fun for the singer and the audience!!!!!!

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    those eyesªª

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    no :(

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    she's the girl i always dream about

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    Love her voice.

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    Thank you for telling me what the judges said at the end, anyone able to say what was said in the beginning? I got Jessie J, Pricetag, and the girls name lol.

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    уау! Стела Петрова km страхотно

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    did she win?

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    Is it me or the judge at the extreme right looks a bit creepy?

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    her voice make everyone dance with music

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    Тhey said that she has The X Factor (woman with the red dress) Man with glasses said : You are the biggest prize for me today and not only today.Also that she is example for the other competitors Blond woman : You are my girl And the other man said : I bet you will win the show

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    Interesno kak...Poli Genova e tolkova entusiazirana tuk a po natam v predavaneto po4va da pravi fizonomii i da se musi...4ovek kogato e juri tova mu nalaga vse pak nqkakva norma na povedenie!

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    subtitle please .

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    You are awesome!

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    Love you and your voice!!!!!!You are great!!!!!

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    ok :)

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    Love you so much !!!

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    Love this performance. I would love to know what the judges said though

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    you mean facial expressions

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    Good job Stela :) xxooxx from Bosnia :)

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    Oh damn, made me smile.

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    All though i dnt know what the judges said to her. She is gorgeous! She has a gifted voice! Awesome!

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    Красива, обичам гласа си

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    Ojalá algún día yo pueda aprender algo de búlgaro o ella algo de español, para que pueda entenderme -aunque sea en sueños- que no sólo tiene una voz hermosa sino que además es una de las mujeres más bellas que he visto en mi vida. Besos Stela y que ojalá te conviertas en una gran estrella de la música internacional. Talento y belleza te sobran. Besos desde Chile, al otro lado del mundo.

  • Patricio Guillermo Alfaro-Rodríguez
    Patricio Guillermo Alfaro-Rodríguez

    Guapa Stela, de verdad muy sexyyy¡¡¡ Felicitaciones, tiene un excelente inglés y un tono y una prosa maravillosa para cantar. Que lástima que por la maldita Torre de Babel biblíca, el mundo tenga que contar con tantos idiomas y lenguas que sepan la cultura, belleza y grandeza de los pueblos que habitan este planeta.

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    i love heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer aalllll

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    her eyes have a magic

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    I love her face expresions

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    chkhar bakh Khmakh Price tag

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    é so eu que acho q a jurada loira parece com a babi do panico?

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    the only thing i understand in this video was the song and it was superb

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    Replay: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="90">1:30</a>

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    Why is it not the whole song? :-(

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    podero bi ju ko budala 100 eura :)

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    you should come to LA, girl your voice is like an brain orgasm,awsome...

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    Браво, Стелче, понякога се появяват българи като теб...понякога съм горд! :)

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    Kako bih je jebooo sineee!Wauuu!xDDD