Stela Petrova - Umbrella (X Factor Bulgaria)

  • Miguel Angel
    Miguel Angel

    Стела, заклевам се, че си е фантастично, дано сигега пее парахад фелиз на хората. Уун хващаш чили, Америка дел-сур. Грасиас Куте вая мю биен saludos desde chile

  • Krasimir Dragomirov
    Krasimir Dragomirov

    Most of the comments belong to foreigners..ha!Glad that sb appreciated the talent since the judges couldnt...

  • aquame

    She seemed very uncomfortable singing that,,, She way better than that needs to stick with her style

  • Evgen Evgenovich
    Evgen Evgenovich

    Это шик

  • mishabear

    In Price Tag she was so happy and smiling and was enjoying it. That was half her appeal! It looks like they took away her joy.

  • Manan Sharma
    Manan Sharma

    Whatever or How ever she looks but..She is doing beautiful,Gourjous singer..and I just love her matter what they make her she is always Stola

  • Terry Bennett
    Terry Bennett

    where did you go. you were great. too bad x factor made you into something you were not. don't give up, come back, we loved you.

  • R Z
    R Z

    your amazing a queen that shall rise above unique with no compairson the finest of all i would like to be your friend

  • Mas Bamm
    Mas Bamm


  • LeoSilva Santos
    LeoSilva Santos

    linda voz.amei

  • nuengruthai chindayapanitch
    nuengruthai chindayapanitch

    chord plssssssss.

  • Alessandro Guimarães de Andrade
    Alessandro Guimarães de Andrade

    Que voz bonita!!!!

  • Eliane Tanaka
    Eliane Tanaka

    simplismente perfeita....adorei

  • Jay Ferris
    Jay Ferris

    She was dynamite with "Pricetag" but none of the material after that suited her voice. Shame because she's very talented but needs the right material to bring out that soulful voice.

    • Greebob11
      Greebob11 This is pretty good too. 👍🏻 Definitely not as good as price tag because she sounds so much like Jessie J, but still, this one shows off her voice.

    • graham harrison
      graham harrison

      +Jay Ferris I agree.Out of her comfort zone..Price Tag cover will always be the best

  • lucifah onyx
    lucifah onyx

    i feel for you miss and that guy down on the floor.. it let tears roll off my eyes.. much love.. peace

  • Gary Willens
    Gary Willens

    Wow, what happened to that sweet girl? They ruined her. I am looking at her picture for Creep and she looks like someone completely different. She lost all her charm. So sad.

    • Gary Willens
      Gary Willens

      @oldwildyk0z Hey, I agree with you completely. She was so sweet and honest and now she is just another puppet. They do that here in the US also quite often. It sucks. Lets hope you goes back how she was. Nice wishes to you......Gary

    • ImBalding24/7

      +Gary Willens i was just watching a top 30 best audition's and she came on.. and man.. ill tell you shes beautiful, loose the make up and all the stuff they did to her.. she's perfect..every bit of her.

  • joe onaquot
    joe onaquot

    that voice... mesmerizing....

  • Алексей Телегин
    Алексей Телегин

    Молодцом Стела

  • Enrique Diaz Fajardo
    Enrique Diaz Fajardo

    que ha sido en la actualidad (2015) de Stela petrova ???

  • 118gwillickers

    shame, shame, shame on the promoters that pushed her into an image that she's not. i didn't know bulgaria glitz was sooo low brow? she was a beautiful raw talent that was cheapened by their direction. but then, case in point, look at the judges?

    • Kostadin Hadjidinev
      Kostadin Hadjidinev

      @RickyRay Robertson kinda late but from what I remembered she got to top 5 because of bitching and crying which got her hated and I would say it was deserved. They eliminated many other people instead of her because of her innocent crying girl act.

    • RickyRay Robertson
      RickyRay Robertson

      @118gwillickers totally agree.. her innocence was part of what made appealing (talent aside)

    • roin

      agree with you 100% ! It hurts me to see how they destroy those beautiful natural talents

  • DjiSamSoe

    stella better with long hair... indonesia give u 10 from 10.. awesome!

  • daniel defo
    daniel defo

    фу типичная безработная хуйня , которая ищет легкий путь

  • Gabriel Cornea
    Gabriel Cornea

    This song doesn't do her justice, Stella is better than that...

    • Yoshi

      she just always seems to sing at the same volume level, id have liked her to blast it on the chorus

  • Antonio Pardo
    Antonio Pardo

    Omg Petrova .... Thanks.

  • Miroslav Shagunov
    Miroslav Shagunov

    Maria Milanova iavno rodom ot Anglia i predpolagam,che angliiskiat i e na nivo nad obichainoto za Anglia dori.

  • Glasslander Joe
    Glasslander Joe

    It's better like the origin song. Nicer, sweeter and real song. Your our souI, we love you, Stela! Thanks.

  • MusicKnowledge1

    Marry me stela petrova

  • Maria Milanova
    Maria Milanova

    пародия и много лош английски

  • agil syahrial
    agil syahrial

    you are the best... stela petrova

  • mimi slavova
    mimi slavova

    Харесва ми дори повече от оригинала.

  • Threaten Hoang
    Threaten Hoang

    Perfect performance

  • marcheloissavibe

    tell me about it , actually all the song they choiced for her voice were bad

  • Zoicheto Valentinova
    Zoicheto Valentinova

    Истинска певица

  • Armando Filho
    Armando Filho


  • pandorawarhol

    She looks just like young Joan Jett. Beautiful.

  • Kristina sjöberg
    Kristina sjöberg

    she is hoarse..

  • carinaejag

    they really chose bad song for her voce.

  • Phero

    Bo Bruce The Toice Uk

  • martin kamen
    martin kamen


  • hunter Livepod
    hunter Livepod


  • Dejan Despot
    Dejan Despot

    You are amazing!!!!!!Serbia love you!!!!!!!!

  • Stress-Free Gaming
    Stress-Free Gaming

    This girl's story is yet another example of how lack of right motivation from the side of the organizers can really ruin the beauty. Just look at this girl - she's such a high category artist! The guys who organized the show and was responsible for her development totally ruined her. Shame.

  • Yonni Todorova
    Yonni Todorova

    it's not her boyfriend :) it's a friend from the show

  • WastedPo

    The judges are ticking me off. Stop singing along for the cameras. This is supposed to be the time for the contestants to shine, damnit.

  • Adeline K
    Adeline K

    She's really good.......but I think she can do better than that! Obviously she has the voice but... This makes me feel boring... It's like the same tone and when it's supposed to be high note she didn't hit it.. Instead she lower a few notes -.-

  • Jason Kim Choon
    Jason Kim Choon

    she is pretty!! and her boyfren is so sweet~ hahaha~

  • MrBillkaulitz89

    Her boyfriend ..

  • Ty Matthews
    Ty Matthews

    whos the guy sitting beside her?

  • Van AU
    Van AU

    But who win?

  • dawn honeycombe
    dawn honeycombe

    you stink

  • dtmajd fayez
    dtmajd fayez

    the most pretty eyes i ever seen 0_o

  • Eleonora Toscani
    Eleonora Toscani

    She totally looks like Malika Ayane, an italian's singer.

  • farziaza

    she is lovely very much.

  • Tarik


  • Bojan Bajovic
    Bojan Bajovic

    She is sooo sweet...:)))

  • Aleksandar Toshev
    Aleksandar Toshev

    Реве кат бебе зарад простци кат тебе

  • Deathsinger

    shto ste izrqzali tva det reve kat bebe