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🔴 SIMON (Miniminter)

🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
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🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)

🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)
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🔴 TOBI (Tobjizzle)

🔵 JJ (KSI)
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  • Maryanqt

    Sideman should do countdown: sideman edition 2

  • Hannah Montana
    Hannah Montana

    Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Frisky M
    Frisky M

    I look at the nose to ngl

  • UnknownUser1

    Hii im paiige. Paige hii

  • Nabil Abdi
    Nabil Abdi

    13:10 Harry leaves Simon hanging and he tries to play it off😂😂😂😂

  • Jasim Masoomy
    Jasim Masoomy

    2nd girl had a massive adams apple

  • Captain Jordan
    Captain Jordan

    Subscribe to Sidemen Channel and reach their channel to 10M 🤘

  • Bevan Purvis
    Bevan Purvis

    i never knew a guy could sound like that

  • Kieron Simons
    Kieron Simons

    20:50 jj said she cold 😂

  • RandomlyGuy Pie_2New
    RandomlyGuy Pie_2New

    Pink Lady Apples are the best apples tho

  • Bryce Naylor
    Bryce Naylor


  • Ralphs Roblox
    Ralphs Roblox

    The outro song is lit anyone know the name?

  • Deku

    She keeps saying her name

  • Owen West
    Owen West

    page is not a genius thats for sure

  • Kate McAdoo
    Kate McAdoo

    1:57 Always knew Harry was a Sinn Féinner...... 😂

  • Seb Hewison
    Seb Hewison

    14:17 mate wanking keeps ur tostestorone levels up

  • Sam Conway
    Sam Conway

    Don’t know why they include men to try to show there not homophobic but they don’t like men so it just makes it weird

  • TheKing

    Ksi: she is a mad as... Ksi: (realises it's a boy not a girl)

  • Billy Harbinson
    Billy Harbinson

    No offence Paige but your not the smartest

  • Danyaal000786

    He called her mate

  • Sam.Killgorre10

    There was actually a coal fire on the titanic.

  • idk what my name is
    idk what my name is

    “Oo a up the ra” ~harry 2020

  • Teodora Misic
    Teodora Misic

    The side man or whatever, looks like Ksi or what he’s called lmao

  • Soap

    15:13 here's to all Star Wars communities out there, a little Obi-Wan reference.

  • J Ditsfights256
    J Ditsfights256

    I don’t see what’s wrong with JJ being attracted to the nose. A small freckled nose is very cute

  • Teodora Misic
    Teodora Misic

    Omg am i the only one that though it was Addison at the thumbnail

  • kobie hursthouse
    kobie hursthouse

    girl 1 is so weird wtaf

  • Jaffacakefriend Games
    Jaffacakefriend Games

    Harry when Simon said at the back of the knee😂🤣 11:57

  • Adam

    "Natural history museum is my favourite place" "Not a fan of animals" ..

  • Vistrxa TV
    Vistrxa TV

    Bruh this video are to good

  • Cap 47
    Cap 47

    Damn man the fat ginger got slim and looks actually Good and not like jona hill light lol nohomo tho

  • David Goblins
    David Goblins

    12:16 The man finally snapped

  • shahub5

    seeing that last person just pissed me off

  • sylwia jozwik
    sylwia jozwik

    raaaa the first girl looks like some shrekks toenails

  • Cruz Fraumano
    Cruz Fraumano

    Pls subscribe bahahahah

  • Coder Boi
    Coder Boi

    Jj:IF we don’t get to ten mil the sidemen are splitting Harry:*scared screaming*

  • Madara Who only wanted peace
    Madara Who only wanted peace

    Yo if they weren’t famous they’d lowkey be such virgins no hate lmao just an observation

  • Snorri Logason
    Snorri Logason

    Plz dont sub i dont want them ruining 2021 as well

  • KrisZ

    Vikk is absolutely hiliarious in this video XD

  • Gaming Ninja
    Gaming Ninja

    12:12 : Vikkstarr123 has left the chat 12:13 : Savagestarr123 has joined the chat

  • Jamilkyway69 -
    Jamilkyway69 -

    Why does Paige keeps saying hi I’m Paige

  • Kolliderscope

    Tobi’s face when Erin was introducing his/herself is amazing😂😂

  • ClumpyApple 226
    ClumpyApple 226

    What happened in Germany?

  • huttio srreu
    huttio srreu

    Cameraman: say something nice Paige: Yallright

  • Anti-HyperLink

    This is just weird.

  • Olivia

    when your from alderney and harry is right when he says there is literally nothing to do there lmaoo

  • ShplunkUndertale

    12:14 killer line by vik. i rate that

    • huttio srreu
      huttio srreu

      that first girl out of all their leagues lol

  • Ivar449

    20:54 damn she cold... ahahaha

  • Jan Sanono
    Jan Sanono

    1:56 harry’s in the RA!

  • The Hokage
    The Hokage

    12:14 tobi's reaction

  • * inversion
    * inversion

    Can't remember ask my mum-Vik 2020

  • John Hay
    John Hay


  • Kieran Stephenson
    Kieran Stephenson

    Sub 2 pixel power gaming

  • Simon Burger
    Simon Burger

    21:01 Simon's reaction.. 😂😅

  • JacoB

    20:53 JJ said *She* cold but it's a dude

  • Umbral Hawk
    Umbral Hawk

    They should have Phil sneak in as a date, that would be hilarious

  • Lorewalker Choo M. D.
    Lorewalker Choo M. D.

    “Im gonna get rid of...The Lion King...” Yeah she dumb af lol.

  • SM

    1:58 what does harry say lmao

  • Srikumaran Priya
    Srikumaran Priya

    Harry's tactic is: be funny when JJ isn't changing his name

  • XynerG

    page is a bit dim ngl