seoulmate2 제2의 고향에서 폭풍 먹방하는 산다라박 필리핀 집밥 is...♡ 190218 EP.11
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  • Michael Suarez
    Michael Suarez

    Don't eat lechon with the skin!

  • Mc Caparos
    Mc Caparos



    My kids grew up in the states and they love sinigang, I myself prefer Bulalo than sinigang.

  • Rosh Meniano
    Rosh Meniano

    It's a long time relationship between sandy & her fav sinigang 😆❤❤

  • Rylee Jon Cagumbay
    Rylee Jon Cagumbay

    Soo sad there's no english sub title

  • yousf& Heba
    yousf& Heba

    How people eat pig? Pig eat poop 🤢

  • Christian Jem Paz
    Christian Jem Paz

    Hope it has caption

  • Enzy Dear
    Enzy Dear

    That roast pig is so delicious 😋

  • katrina bayquin
    katrina bayquin

    Dara!!! ❤❤

  • Jeerawat Sathit
    Jeerawat Sathit

    We love you sandara...hi,junho...i miss you and the whole cast of 2 days and 1 night season 3😍

  • LadyM Gals
    LadyM Gals

    We missed you dara

  • MA DC
    MA DC

    Yung natulak nya si dara sa sobrang sarap 😅😂❤ 2:21

  • JAJA Cool
    JAJA Cool

    Sandy eats like s Pilipino 😊

  • I am a multifangirl john banana
    I am a multifangirl john banana

    Dara promoting Phillipines better than Duterte

  • Chris Villanueva
    Chris Villanueva

    Is that Dara's mother???

  • GreedForMoney

    Si ate nang away nung natikman yung litson 02:21

  • Bryan Ambas
    Bryan Ambas

    I love guys!!


    next time if you make video about Philippines can you make a English caption.

  • Iah Chico
    Iah Chico

    돼지 불쌍한데 너무 맛있어

  • Kako Pintado
    Kako Pintado

    Sandara Park truly a darling in the eyes of Pinoy and she never stop being Filipino in so many ways 😍😍😍😍

  • SammyDuo

    Thats why i love sandara:) she is filipino by heart

  • park hello
    park hello

    Tama na please. nakakagutom

  • Concepcion Cagumbay
    Concepcion Cagumbay

    Sandy sandy nag lalaway ako Hugh yummy

  • grazeila shin
    grazeila shin

    1:35 key licking his lips huhu come to PHILIPPINES 😭 eat lechon huhu

  • grazeila shin
    grazeila shin


  • aianna rae
    aianna rae

    Hi Sandara!Am Filipino and I really appreciate how you promote the Philippines,culture,History & foods.I heard about you a lot before and thought that you're a half Filipino.Never thought that you're a pure Korean.Just started following your vlogs and started watching Koreans show.Trying to understand Koreans culture as well.But to tell you I always love Korean foods (since I live outside the country)maybe except for the "live" Octupos!😀 Good luck & God bless you & your fellow Koreans!!!

  • ryan V
    ryan V

    Rice rice rice

  • once a blackjack always a blackjack
    once a blackjack always a blackjack

    dont watch this at midnight🤤😴

  • Chelsea Dela Rosa
    Chelsea Dela Rosa

    please get married to us Daraya . Hahaha we love you. Fan from Ph. Here . 😊😅😘😍

  • Carlo Prosper Cagaanan
    Carlo Prosper Cagaanan

    Sandy we love u ❤️❤️❤️

  • aki akiii
    aki akiii

    Subtitles please

  • Karen


  • Prince Duria
    Prince Duria

    All so yummy 😋😍😍😍

  • uncnown sharp
    uncnown sharp

    still no english sub tsk tsk

  • Rhealyn Solano
    Rhealyn Solano

    ,, your so beautiful dara,, inside and out,, even your soul,, I think, 👏👏👏,, love you always dara, from Philippines 🇵🇭,, yeeeeheeeeey,, hope to see you in person dara,

  • Riza Jean Acanto
    Riza Jean Acanto

    Eng sub please 🙏

  • Wife Of Choi Minho
    Wife Of Choi Minho

    I keep coming back here, I miss Kim Kibum so much.. 😭😭 Kibum ahh come here and I will make you some delicious foods....I even practice and mastered Sinigang cause Jonghyun wants to try sinigang!

  • Murilo Cruz
    Murilo Cruz

    For some reason watching Dara eating is like therapy XD

  • Larry Lumlum
    Larry Lumlum

    So yummy😍😍😍

  • Nathan Jay Catamco
    Nathan Jay Catamco

    Hmmp natawa ako sa panuntok ahh hahahaha

  • Dasd Da
    Dasd Da

    @Ice 77 this guy is a Blink, not a BJ, trying to draw hatred to Dara. beware

    • enitsirk gEMps
      enitsirk gEMps

      Dasd Da really? i always saw that account spreading hatred on dara’s video

  • xShiroNekox

    Sandara Reminds me from Nayeon of Twice

  • Kenny Ramos
    Kenny Ramos

    People in other parts of the Philippines esp Mindanao don't even like sinigang because they don't have that kind of dish. Lol

  • t̶r̶i̶s̶h̶a̶

    ENG SUB 😭😭😭

  • Lodemé Carp
    Lodemé Carp

    Englis subtitle please.....

  • katarina xxi
    katarina xxi

    영어 자막 부탁드립니다. Put eng subtitle please.

  • Dubu The Eagle
    Dubu The Eagle

    Link with engsub please 🙏😭

  • Kawæii Niko nii
    Kawæii Niko nii

    Watching this in the middle of the night gashhh i'm getting hungry lol

  • JanchanChannel

    She still speaks Tagalog?

    • katarina xxi
      katarina xxi

      Yes. Marunong na marunong pa din.

  • Ronnie Gregorio
    Ronnie Gregorio

    Yung napapalunok nalang ako ng laway sa Takam 🤤🤤🤤

  • Pam Niu
    Pam Niu

    i wish there's an English sub 😭

  • Ma Leonora Lopez
    Ma Leonora Lopez

    Love you darahh nice to see you sharing our Filipino food #Pangbansangkrongkrong ng Pilipinas Crazy in a good way as always

  • klien lux
    klien lux

    Sandara promotes Ph better than DOT, a 100%.

  • Angel Grace
    Angel Grace

    Hahaha .... Dara is epic eating her favorite pinoy food. I was the one so hungry just looking you, guys.☺

    • Murilo Cruz
      Murilo Cruz

      Dara is so lucky in that she seemingly has a bottomless pit for a stomach and she can eat so much and yet she doesn't get fat at all.

  • John Mark Cachapero
    John Mark Cachapero

    Paborito tlga ni sandara ang sinegang pusong pinoy

  • Crescent Jimin
    Crescent Jimin

    Filipino food is so underrated though

  • Leslie Living on a Budget
    Leslie Living on a Budget

    Whole episode please with english subtitles


    can someone put subtitles??😂😂 I can't understand what they're saying😂😂

  • angelica mae
    angelica mae

    Philippines ambassadress.. that's why we love you..thanks sandara❤️

  • Ann Flores
    Ann Flores

    Sandara is the reason why Philippines is featured in some of the Korean shows. Good job dara👍