Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Impressions: 108 Megapixels!
Marques Brownlee
Galaxy S20 Ultra is the "pro" of Samsung's lineup.
Galaxy S20 and S20+:
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  • Irfan Mohammed
    Irfan Mohammed

    100x zoom & 5000mAh battery!! I hope it doesn’t blow off. By the way, you guessed it right, I’m an iPhone user ✌🏻

  • GOAT

    We need a camera test

  • WhizFizz !
    WhizFizz !

    So Samsung makes an expensive phone, people stress.. yet Apple has been selling over priced rubbish for ages.. hypocrites.

  • GOAT

    1:15 I want this wallpaper

  • Stoianov Adrian
    Stoianov Adrian

    Please make a video for the best bang/buck phone, which one is worth the money in reality. Thank you!

  • Its_me Penelope
    Its_me Penelope

    Ohhh I hear the Xiaomi mi 10 pro is the highest ranked phone on DXO marks at the moment, hope this phone'll beat it!!!

  • M J
    M J

    With 100x zoom, that actually works, we're getting well into the zone, I think, that not too long ago would have seemed impossible for a smartphone camera. This is an area where competition is driving ridiculous improvements.

  • Hamzah Yasin
    Hamzah Yasin

    So this is bigger than any note. Will the the note still be relevant? How can they make it different to this

  • Yaqoob Zaffar Ali Gopang
    Yaqoob Zaffar Ali Gopang

    Nobody got time for that , I'm skipping your this video now .

  • Robert Halterman
    Robert Halterman

    Attach the phone with high zoom to a drone: pervs and pedophiles getting excited.

  • michael bautista
    michael bautista

    Marques The G.O.A.T.

  • Carolina arias
    Carolina arias

    This guy only likes Samsung and iphones if it was Lg with that bump in the back...

    • dueeh nyyu
      dueeh nyyu

      He seems salty he doesn't have 5G yet 🤣

  • Mitko Minchew
    Mitko Minchew

    This phone got more RAM than my both laptops COMBINED...

  • Carolina arias
    Carolina arias

    Design mmmm going backwards...

    • dueeh nyyu
      dueeh nyyu

      Lagai from Syria lost my family in the war and needed help

  • Daniela Gonzalez
    Daniela Gonzalez

    a whole stove top on that phone 🥴🥴🥴

  • Kilian Seibl
    Kilian Seibl

    The Galaxy S20 Ultra cannot do 960FPS super slow mo, but the normal S20 and S20+ can.

  • Shane Jossart
    Shane Jossart

    Your intro's always wake my kid up. -.-

  • Parrish Thomas
    Parrish Thomas

    I went to watch the other video then came back to "ok welcome back" Right on time 🕺🏾

  • appleplastik

    I like your rainbow carpet

  • Lethal Dose 69
    Lethal Dose 69

    Dont tell me what to do, bitch!

  • Thomas Fish
    Thomas Fish

    Isn't it funny how they have such a massive jump in name from s10 to s20, yet it's the smallest innovation since the s series of phones 😬

    • Flan

      but muh 16gb of ram

  • sheldonhighsmith3333

    It doesnt automatically mean the camera us better but it is better

  • Billy Chen
    Billy Chen

    Do you allow to record 4k video longer than 5 minutes?

  • Raphael Rusamu
    Raphael Rusamu

    The phones are fantastic yet i'm still using a 512MB RAM, 4GB storage phone and i believe its the slowest "smart"phone in the world!!!

  • Kristian. B
    Kristian. B

    i am buying the ultra

  • Jaken

    S20 Ultra vs ROG phone II???

  • سلطان الزمان
    سلطان الزمان

    Lagai from Syria lost my family in the war and needed help

  • Dillon Johnston
    Dillon Johnston

    He seems salty he doesn't have 5G yet 🤣

  • diego saavedra
    diego saavedra

    i love samsung

  • Naz K
    Naz K

    I kinda like my "old" s10e, I mean I use the backpack for the laptop and all I have left are regular pockets...

  • Giany Morandy
    Giany Morandy

    The S20 ultra's display is 1 sq inch smaller than an ipad mini's Let that sink in

  • Knight Templars
    Knight Templars

    When note 20 ultra flip?

  • Hatedheretic π
    Hatedheretic π

    Can't wait to see what OnePlus comes out with this year

  • Bipram Kumar Chourasia
    Bipram Kumar Chourasia

    Can you give me that phone

  • iseetrolledpeople

    Like Flossy says...the price IS TGH 👊🏼 for me 😟

  • Matías Macotinsky
    Matías Macotinsky

    I'd stilkl choose my all screen mi mixx 3

  • Bank Akinmola
    Bank Akinmola

    In hopes that Samsung's software is even remotely close to the Pixel's, I'm going to pick up the S20 Ultra... I may wait to see some camera comparisons though.

  • Kalpesh Wani
    Kalpesh Wani

    How about a telescope instead of 108 MP camera😇 & Encyclopedia ^Encyclopedia instead of 512/T....😈 & & ∞

  • Omar F. Issa
    Omar F. Issa

    This phone already scores more than I did in my 14 years in school and 5 years in college

  • I have been there!
    I have been there!

    This dude is boring.... 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Chris

    "It's a 6.9 inch [...] display, which is *_nuts_* ... It's just _absolutely massive_ to have that nearly 7-inch screen in your pocket." Oh, Marques. 😏

  • avinash reddy
    avinash reddy

    In future we may have a phone that can zoom into other Galaxies

  • Sarbast Ezat
    Sarbast Ezat

    camera pixel 108 fake pixel just number I think huawei p30 pro camera is mach better 😏

    • What the money
      What the money

      The 108MP camera on Huawei is made by Samsung.🤣😅🤣😅🤣

  • NycProductions

    Skeptical on the MP counts about how they perform. In-camera composites? Either way, it’s still on in a camera phone. Not going to look at good as interchangeable lens cameras for DOF.

  • nativetoalaska

    I didn’t know cameras came with phones!

  • K M
    K M

    Why stop at 4 cameras? Just go balls out and make the entire back a camera.

  • Technical Mirza
    Technical Mirza


  • Technical Mirza
    Technical Mirza


  • Vincenzo Mario Saltamartini
    Vincenzo Mario Saltamartini

    Ultra forever

  • Dedi Arinata
    Dedi Arinata

    We No need 100x zoom

  • Conor Burke
    Conor Burke

    NO ONE realizes THAT THIS HAS SLOFIE?!?!?

  • Kyle Casey
    Kyle Casey

    I disable Bixby over Google

  • Rana Ali
    Rana Ali

    Nokia, Motorola did mistake not switching on anoroid. Samsung IPhone took all market.

  • Muhammad Akbar Baig
    Muhammad Akbar Baig

    This man is Anti Samsung

  • 박건우

    RAM byte is the same as my desktop...

  • ashraf alex
    ashraf alex


  • jheng nazal
    jheng nazal

    I lovd samsung brand the best .but my money only cam afford a midrange Samsung phone

  • Matheus Abrahão
    Matheus Abrahão

    i guess this is the first phone that actually looks huge in marques hands

  • Huy Dang
    Huy Dang

    1399 usd for a phone: No, thanks!

  • bssni touir
    bssni touir

    2020: How many phones does your camera have?