Primitive Life:Build a new house from stone!P3
Primitive Life
Primitive Life:Build a new house from stone!P3
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    Hayalet ismail

    Sen ne yaparsın burada

  • Roberto Carusi
    Roberto Carusi

    it's about time you invent the wheel.

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    Jan Steini

    5:00 Primitiv recycling, 100 percent success

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    surma balsali



    Hi, Thank you very much for this entertaining content. There's a word I don't use much "Genius" God bless you and your loved ones have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year's.

  • That Guy
    That Guy

    Ive watched for 2 years and i stil have no idea what is in the grey mud he puts between the stone

    • j0gs

      That Guy that's the cement he bought which he didn't show it in the video.

  • Maniacus Games
    Maniacus Games

    How many of those mud kilns do you think you've built in the last couple years?

  • Gustavo Affonso
    Gustavo Affonso

    The Fred Flintstone's house.

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    The Major

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    •oi ;-;

    nossa que interessante.

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    oh man this is a lot of work, guessing it'll be a while until the next video :/

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  • Afuk Yang
    Afuk Yang

    Uploooooad use clay for roof, or simple tools for make a fire, search for tomatoes, plant another fruit, berries, oranges, papayas, grapes, ginger, or grow kitchen seasoning plants, eggplant, corn, potatoes, make bigger chiken house with roof, make a copper axe, iron axe or something tools for cut trees, like saw maybe? Trap for catch boar female or male so it can give birth baby boar and make smoked pig meat or smoked chicken, who can last longer to keep and consume, make a fence, search around for bird n nest. Still a looot you can do to make content. Raise some mouse maybe?

  • Pebbles The Cat
    Pebbles The Cat

    Could you please tell me, what type of stone is it you collect from river bed and break up, put in oven and bake, then put in water and the water turns grey and steams. You are obviously using it as a compound for making concrete, but what type of stone is it please ? Thank you for another great video - it is awesome that you are back !

    • Pebbles The Cat
      Pebbles The Cat

      @Blu342 l Thanks for the explanation - and where to find more info. I want to try making bricks with my senior scout troop when we go on a camp in late April. It's a 2 week safety and survival wilderness course that they have been planning most of the year so far. This info will help so thanks mate.

    • dinky7777

      LIMESTONE, well he basically just collects sedimentary rocks and blasts them for the lime inside, lime can be found in things like shells and shit so over time when snails or summin die in the creek rocks form and they have limestone in them, that’s as far as my knowledge goes if you want a MUCH better explanation V google sedimentary rocks and limestone

    • Blu342 l
      Blu342 l

      Probably limestone

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    Tôi muốn thấy căn nhà được hoàn thành

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    Vuuuy cıng cang cong goccek olubdu esı



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  • MamboJambo

    Very nice! It looks like a medieval castle.

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    Jarl Nyström

    oh shit im on anprim youtube again

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    Arilson Araújo

    Posta vídeos com frequência

  • FDK

    Is that safe? There is no interlocking/overlap there, chances are these walls will collapse fairly easily as plaster is the only thing holding them together.

    • FDK

      I'm not convinced there is that much knowledge. It seems to me that he's just winging it.

    • Steve Liversidge
      Steve Liversidge

      With respect it's not plaster it's lime mortar , many areas of the world have been built with this material centuries ago survive today including the vast Roman history . You have to respect the efforts , energy and the basic true knowledge of this man .

  • Loki

    What amazes me is that he didn't get a toe squished by a stone.

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    Derist satria

    Apakah ada indonesia like dulu dong kalau orang indonesia bukan unlike ya..😅

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    Totenkopf ABC

    Thats great. Garden landscaping

  • Hsu Eric
    Hsu Eric

    At this rate, when will you be able to build a computer by hand? I can't wait to see it!😂

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    ROSE E


  • Trey Wolfe
    Trey Wolfe

    As a Mason myself, I admire ur skill here by doing everything urself even making ur own lime for mortar , great work

    • Trey Wolfe
      Trey Wolfe

      As a primitive building looks good there's no modern technology here dude to worry about

    • avener28

      Thanks, had no idea what he was doing.. but it was cool. As a Mason, do you see any major issues he should worry about?

  • Mr MaNuSia
    Mr MaNuSia

    Pakai kusen segala ya, keren

  • Heru- deshet
    Heru- deshet

    Finally built something they can stand upright in.

  • Ruslan Gazizov
    Ruslan Gazizov

    My dear , in real life it must be built at first. After stone or wood weapon of couse. Wild animals can easy eat you. )))))

  • Gilson Pereira
    Gilson Pereira

    You could make videos making tools just like the one you made with the knife.

  • Gilson Pereira
    Gilson Pereira

    You could make videos making tools just like the one you made with the knife.

  • Paul Gargulak
    Paul Gargulak

    odd how all that orange dirt turned grey just like cement

    • Frank Brockman
      Frank Brockman

      Probably because this is all fake and they're just leeching off of the Primitive Technology viewership.

    • Z Pan
      Z Pan

      because it actually has some(a lot) cement.

  • MyOwnDrummer

    I did not see him adding thru-stones every 5 feet. The two wythes will de-laminate and collapse given stress or impact over time.

    • Gausts

      He's probably gonna make a layer of bricks inside or at least cover the wall in concrete.

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    OFRANT Channel

    Quem avançou o vídeo dá um like aqui.

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    Mama Rebe

    what happened to the audio?

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    Nossa esse cara tem muita paciência

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    Wild Man Robson Sprinter

    Wow, not a steel toecap in sight.

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    Mabel Jiang

    been waiting a whole year for this man to get 1mil!

  • A3D1

    Why you dont have a furnace with briks?

  • Alexander Supertramp
    Alexander Supertramp

    What kind of rocks are those for the mortar? anyone know?

    • Cris Phaesant
      Cris Phaesant

      Limestone maybe? Not sure what the black ones are

  • Francisco DNeto
    Francisco DNeto

    In some centuries, some archaeologist will find this and will be very confused ...

  • amblincork

    What is the white material you are using for you 'concrete' mix please ?

    • Cris Phaesant
      Cris Phaesant

      @amblincork I do believe so. He fires it and it turns white but he adds other elements during the firing. Once cool enough to handle the stones gets removed and tossed into water when needed to make the additive for the mortar. I just remember those steps due to watching the og, Primitive Technology. In his description he explains his steps and why he did it and the results of what happened. You may have to go back a year in his video list to find it.

    • amblincork

      @Cris Phaesant thanks - I wonder if he burns the limestone to produce the byproduct ?

    • Cris Phaesant
      Cris Phaesant

      It looks like a calcium by product from the limestone

  • Vương Thiên
    Vương Thiên

    P4 please!

  • Iaroslav Andreiev
    Iaroslav Andreiev

    Doing the great content, thanks. Still there is room for improvement. Humanity used the ropes to build straight (both horizontally and vertically) walls for more than 5000 years. you can also use this knowledge in your future project.

  • frank wilkinson
    frank wilkinson

    Where did he get all that cement.

    • Chris Slagter
      Chris Slagter

      Wood ash+water, sand, and clay. Duh.

  • Sideways Girls5
    Sideways Girls5

    Make a large mansion out of twigs!!

  • Sideways Girls5
    Sideways Girls5

    That was an odd,not good odd?

  • Mind Yours
    Mind Yours

    I like that he left the option open to extend it on the side if need be by adding that additional doorway.

  • Jakob Mergel
    Jakob Mergel


  • grymhild

    I haven't watched the others but... Where did they get all the stone?

    • MsMsmak

      Home Depot

  • Jun Sparrow
    Jun Sparrow

    nice one building alone from scratch from lime stone to cement gathering the stones pile one by one wooooow!!!! you are the most survivor ever i saw your are using a strong materials not a clay

  • AlexjaVlog

    what kind of places did get this from

  • metalka metalika
    metalka metalika

    Where to find lime stone???

  • lalesheka bustillos floes
    lalesheka bustillos floes

    Q sacrificado tu travajo congratulation from Bolivia

  • Filip Skorec
    Filip Skorec

    what kind of rocks is he firing for that white cement?

    • L

      Limestone I believe. Shells can also work.

  • Groglor

    The house is coming along great!

  • Mad Gammer kitty
    Mad Gammer kitty

    Maybe you should try to make a concrete forger instead of clay. Concrete is stronger and can hold heat especially if you cover the outside of it with clay mixed with grass or straw

  • Raspberry Fury
    Raspberry Fury

    well if primitive technology and primitive life meet each other what would happen?

    • Master-Bait

      they surely bang each other because they are both gay.