Невероятно изпълнение на Стела Петрова - X Factor Bulgaria
Любовта ѝ към музиката я довежда до сцената на X Factor

  • hunter Livepod
    hunter Livepod


  • GlitchBox zK
    GlitchBox zK

    stela is great in every bar and pub she sings , she sings so much better than this here !

  • Toni

    she adds that little special thing to it, not as good as the original, but she has a beoutifoul voice.

  • Anni

    @pisymtseBG Тука не говорим дали я познаваме като човек... Прогресът е нищо ако нямаш достатъчно талант... защото талантът е до едно време...останалото е труд. Тя на много моменти пее фалшиво и не го казвам за да хейтвам. Повечето парчета които й даваха изобщо не бяха за гласа й...

  • Anni

    @lenaiovova That was the worst performance of these songs I've ever herd... Progress is nothing with so much better talents,,,

  • Niki IGN
    Niki IGN

    @Janiisw hm, tova che s pozvoljavash da davash mnenie za hora, koito ne poznavash i si njamash ideja, kakvi sa, pasva na fakta, che haresvash prydlata. taka che ot tvojata usta e kompliment, blagodarja za kojto

  • Niki IGN
    Niki IGN

    poli genova e edna prydla, kojato na evrovizija ne postigna i edna deseta ot tova, koeto postigna Stela v X factor. v nachaloto ja syzhaljavah, zashtoto stoeshe leko smeshno do hora kato Marija, Maga i Vasko. sega veche ne moga da ja ponasjam. dobre e x factor da izbira za zhuri hora, koito ne sa na syshtoto karierno stypalo kato kandidatite.

  • ivve11

    I hate that bitch.

  • interultras

    @lenaiovova Who gives a shit how shy she is???? The rules r for everyone to follow. Let's give her the prise now cuz she is soo talanted...I don't think so. Obviously it's a personal matter for u so please stop torture us with your mind burps. :)))

  • Alexandra Louren
    Alexandra Louren

    @madrida Just proves that the song does not fit her voice range. I would have probably been as angry as you are, had she performed ne of my favourite singers' song in such an awful way but Stela is merely a pawn in the hands of those who mentor her. It was their mistake to set her with this song, leave her without the guitar [even as an accessory] and throw her there "naked" in front of the public. Sorry she spoiled the song but it was not her fault and this has nothing to do with her talent

  • Alexandra Louren
    Alexandra Louren

    @interultras Cut the crap with the "Un-Fuckin-Believable", will ya? ;) Bearing in mind that she didn't have equal start with the others is of importance because X FACTOR is not only about showing who's been spendin years in the conservatory of music but also about those who merely HAVE THE TALENT and are eager to prove that if given a chance, they can make a HUGE PROGRESS. Her low-self esteem is almost gone now with the people to support her. She's back on the horse now and she fuckin RULEZ!

  • interultras

    Moron is your father sweetheart, and you r DEAF!!!! Who cares what her background is??? It's a competition!!! If she is so shy let her stay at home and sing to her pets, the cows! Un-Fuckin-Believable........

  • Христина Христова
    Христина Христова

    @Sari7ta Radiohead - Creep

  • rola80

    well, i liked it very much! the performance was very different from the original song but this is what makes it special!

  • Luisa Gareva
    Luisa Gareva

    She remind of Nena (german singer).

  • piponek11

    lenaiovova , many impress my speech, in fact, I itself fully participate in your opinion.

  • Alexandra Louren
    Alexandra Louren

    To those of you who are talkin shit about her I would like to say only one thing: SHUT THE FUCK UP, MORONS! First of all - she has never been working with professional vocal teachers - it's her first time working with such people - in the X factor! Second - she has very low self-esteem and therefore her performance - in front of many people, WITHOUT THE GUITAR, which is of great importance to her, btw, she is NOT herself! And last, but not least - the song simply does not for her voice range!

  • Toshey Productions
    Toshey Productions

    Totally shite

  • Daniela G
    Daniela G

    TOTALLY AGREE! guys you should get over her audition performance and realize that she can sing only ONE song right and you already heard it at the auditions. She is not what you think she is... obviously she cannot sing. It hasn't been once, twice but THREE times she proved that HERSELF!

  • madrida

    I'm sorry but this has got to be one of the worst performances of Creep I've ever seen and heard. I could barely finish watching her butcher one my favourite songs. She was painfully out of tune for the majority of the song and sounded awful on BOTH the low notes and high notes, both of which she just couldn't reach. I have to say I'm really disappointed because she had a good audition with Price Tag, but from then the standard of her performances has just gone downhill.