YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Lost Motives
YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Lost Motives
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    Sreyeèbchhvuù3pķòoòčò Nicì9ŕ


  • cyr shearon
    cyr shearon

    detroit all ways listening all day

  • A.C.S Tiller
    A.C.S Tiller

    Was da point for disliking it😂

  • Young0g773 OutWest
    Young0g773 OutWest

  • Bryston Moore
    Bryston Moore

    shit. fuck

    • Bryston Moore
      Bryston Moore

      y yonu boy y o birthday

  • MaryJane Trenidad
    MaryJane Trenidad

    i love the song

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    wesley zollicoffer

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  • MAPLEs MOTIVATIONS! -to struggle is to survive! -
    MAPLEs MOTIVATIONS! -to struggle is to survive! -

    youngboy a beast 4kt fuck the rest

  • Norma P
    Norma P

    4ktery put guns in the face slime🤑😪

  • Avocado Vlogs
    Avocado Vlogs

    I can smell drugs through this video If everyone that saw this subscribed it could change my life!!?! God bless you all!!!!!

  • Nayla Anzaldua
    Nayla Anzaldua


  • Muhsin Jon
    Muhsin Jon

    Every heart sings a song, incomplete, until another heart whispers back. Those who wish to sing always find a song. At the touch of a lover, everyone becomes a poet.

  • Rich Joseph
    Rich Joseph

    42: seconds that dude holding the smoke flog for him bad angels

  • Random Videos and Music
    Random Videos and Music

    Autotune is turned up all the way.

  • troll

    He use 3 flows and y’all say he sound the same

  • Charles-Edouard Larouche
    Charles-Edouard Larouche

    Does anyone’s know if this song is on Spotify because I didn’t found it

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    Dreezy Guapo

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    Aireonna Hill

    yey yey boy

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    Sub 2 me

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    🔥🔥🔥Wowo just awesome check this-

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    Linda Mustafa

    i’ll update 1like=motivation DAY 1 : it burned so bad but hopefully it pays off

  • MuchMahad

    When they goin put this bih on Apple Music wtf

  • FeelTheRushHD

    Youngboy got on a whole outfit like if he going somewhere get yo ass back inside before you get more time

  • Attention N
    Attention N

    2019 anyone?

  • Corey Paget
    Corey Paget

    This is one of the best songs in awhile

  • ggtm.2x

    Like if this on repeat 👇🏼 #AIYOUNGBOY

  • David John
    David John

    Like if youngboy better than blueface

  • Reverb B
    Reverb B

    You Will Meet Nba YoungBoy Tommorow Like To ACTIVATE

  • Jeremy Bowers
    Jeremy Bowers

    What shoes he wearin?

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    Demetrix Johnson


  • johnnynyc00

    My goal is to be a BGsoft rapper in one away from 350 help me get there gimme a chance!

  • Edwin Martinez
    Edwin Martinez

    I see them hoes steady capping trying to phase you 🤫👀 Gucci red burgundy and it came in a case too 💦💨🗣

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  • Charles Harper
    Charles Harper

    Best song

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    If anyone needs beats and has some time to peep my last beat it would mean a lot 🙏🏽🙏🏽You wont be dissapointed 🌋

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    Yo Nip

    Blood stay DROPPING nothing but 🔥 on god 🛂⚠🔊🎼👏🔥

  • Slime Love
    Slime Love

    Who else on the toilet taking a shit listening to this?

  • Noah Kirkpatrick
    Noah Kirkpatrick

    What did that song just mean though.

  • LPSANNA brannon
    LPSANNA brannon

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    Jamyra Lykes


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    James Causey


  • Volatile Music
    Volatile Music

    Awesome video ,killer effects I wish I could do this

  • Erica Sams
    Erica Sams

    How many songs you go Make!!! But keep it up 👋👋🤘👍

  • Lord Jesus
    Lord Jesus

    This dude can see in the future. He knows he’ll never be broke again. Damn.

  • NoCap

    at 1:20 yb look like k3😂

  • 8D BEATZ
    8D BEATZ

    8D version of this👇👇

  • OG_Mark

    For to fall, they been waitin' on me, I know that's what they all say Live it up, they been hatin' on me, I ain't trippin' 'cause we all paid New Givenchy, fuck the critics Ridin' on the wave, you gon' wash away I came in by myself, they ain't listen I was the nigga with the ticket, the one had the ambition Came up runnin', we'll take off from them cop cars When we got caught, ain't do no trippin', that's what made us This 30 stick up in this Glock, this what saved us To bullshit, hard like a rock, it won't change us Behind my mans, I'll die today, I won't change up I put that shit on his mama, we did some dirt with that choppa We done upgraded to models, bitches want fuckin', come swallow They tryna slip off the condom, these bitches bite like piranhas The one I want, I ain't find her But spendin' time with them robbers, we all play with them choppas, we shoot this bitch at yo' mama Smokin' on dope, clutchin' my pole, hollerin', "Bitch, you want problems?" Another homi, another body, another hat for the dollar Come to murder, ain't no talkin', we leave yo' streets bloody I'm tryna knock this brother off with the same gun And I ain't ask him, go ask him just where I came from Tell me, is we gon' die? 'Cause, nigga, we gon' be slangin' iron today Leave me alone, I'm seein' trouble in my rear view They steady talkin', show them different, but they still do And you can rap that gangster shit, I still don't fear you You make one move and my young niggas gon' drill you I make that music that them young niggas gon' kill to You in the streets, so watch yo' back, don't let 'em steal you He got a problem, he'll shoot, I'll kill, too Ain't trippin', not 'til I show shawty what these pills do I see them hoes steady cappin', tryna fed you Gucci with Birkin and it came in a case, too Told her I love her, she responded, "Bitch, I hate you" Totin' .380, I'ma show 'em what that K do Cuddlin' in a black Maybach, I need a Wraith, too Nigga, don't run up on this bitch 'cause we gon' spray you Aim at the nose, straight out the flap, bitch, we gon' face you Bleed from the nose, I'm screamin "blatt," the truth like Jesus Even though I did, don't let them people say I made you 'Cause I'ma steady keep doin' shit that you can't do

    • OG_Mark

      Read it while the music play

  • nba goat smokendro
    nba goat smokendro

    G.o.a.t 🐐 nobody safe while nba in the booth

  • Highway Robber
    Highway Robber

    🗣Yungest in charge

  • YSleezy


  • guest666 ur worst nightmare
    guest666 ur worst nightmare


  • guest666 ur worst nightmare
    guest666 ur worst nightmare

    Nbayoungboy can i het 1200 money or contact ynw melly

  • Kunta Willis
    Kunta Willis

    Nigga don’t run up in this bitch we gone fade you speak it into existence


    This lil nigga did not just rhyme Givenchy with Critics !?!? 🐐🐐🐐

    • seeriu ciihy
      seeriu ciihy

      I was here before 5 views

  • Julian Rodriguez
    Julian Rodriguez

    he threw up a c

  • Tranesia Hatch km.
    Tranesia Hatch km.

    Biggest fan ever

    • seeriu ciihy
      seeriu ciihy

      This song fire

  • trokiando cuh
    trokiando cuh


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