Kanye West - Follow God
Director: Jake Schreier
Executive Producer: Jackie Kelman Bisbee
Producer: Cody Ryder
DP: Jason McCormick
Production Company: Park Pictures
Color: Matt Osborne / The Mill
Additional Post: SetNet
The voice of Pastor Dr. Kerwin B. Lee
Music video by Kanye West performing Follow God. © 2019 Getting Out Our Dreams II, LLC, distributed by Def Jam, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc., 1755 Broadway, New York, New York 10019.

  • Dustin o.0
    Dustin o.0

    I can't believe there are almost 20K f****** losers out there.... the funny thing is the only people that will see this comment, aren't them. Cuz if you dislike the video and then proceeded to leave a comment you're a special kind of "irrelevant"

  • in the name of love
    in the name of love

    denounce ur old music that is influencing millions of kids. DENY YOURSELF

  • seeriu ciihy
    seeriu ciihy

    Kanye's just walking through this life like everyone else. Consistently trying to reach for something greater than what's infront of us.

  • Speed Media
    Speed Media

    Kanye stop being fake you ain’t religious.

  • Geraldo Quiñones Huacon
    Geraldo Quiñones Huacon

    La mejor decisión de tu vida la paz de Dios bendiciones en tu nueva vida éxitos hermano que Dios te ilumine..

    • seeriu ciihy
      seeriu ciihy

      เพลงใช่มัย นึกว่าหนังสั้น

  • NYners718 !
    NYners718 !

    love this shit! Plus Kim probably hittin the blunt boppin mad hard to this 🔥🔥🔥

  • ron Mcarty
    ron Mcarty

    HOW to FIND JESUS: I came from a violent home, (drugs, alcohol, gun shots, being chased with knives, people thrown through picture pane windows), in fact I was born three months early because my father kicked my mother in the stomach, I was born weighing two pounds nine ounces, this was DEC of 1956. As early as 7yrs old, I was out on the streets till 3-4am, I was put in three orphanages... One night I remember, my father snuck into our house, he put a loaded pistol in my hand and told me too shoot my sisters and my mother, it was crazy. Through all of this, (which I wouldn't change), I came out a fairly normal kid, I was involved in sports and didn't do drugs, or drink. I thought I was a survivor, wanting only too make it through another day. At age 16 (in 1974) I started too sense a need in my life, an emptiness that I couldn't explain. I knew I had to find God/Jesus, but who was HE? I had no idea where to find HIM, so I went to the local library to find books concerning world religions, God, and the occult. At the library I met an ex hippie (Gary Osborn) he saw my books and decided to share the message with me. Gary invited me to pray in the back of his V.W. so I did, I remember saying "God forgive me for my sins, and whatever you have for me I want it all". Well at first nothing happened I expected, lightening or something. Gary said, "Just go home and praise God" I said, "What's that, mean" Gary said, "Just thank him" So I did just that. The remaining is sacred to me, before I asked Jesus into my heart, I never heard voices, I never drank, and I never did drugs, but one week after meeting Jesus while in the middle of my last class (during high school) A voice, just as clear, as someone standing next to you, spoke, and as the voice spoke it said to me, "rod tell them about Jesus" I was surprised, but unafraid, I put my hand over my mouth, since I didn't want anyone to think I was talking too myself, I said (to whoever spoke to me) "I don't know what to say" the voice said "don't be afraid, I'll give you the words to say" To this day I don't remember my words, but I spoke to those kids about Jesus and salvation, their mouths just dropped open and then, class was over, I walked out of that room, feeling like I had never felt before. The next day was Saturday; I slept in the living room on an old couch. When I woke it was early and I decided to turn on the TV, to watch my favorite cartoon, the roadrunner. As I sat there watching the TV, I got up and looked outside, everything was so beautiful, (I never appreciated nature, I just wanted to make it thru another day). BUT now it was so pretty, I sat back down on the couch, and as I did I was somewhere else. I was sitting at a long rough hewn table, to my right was God, the father, I couldn't see him, to my left was Satan, him I could see (he looked like a man only very big) then in front of me was Jesus, three bowls appear, filled with what looked like porridge. Now the father spoke and said Satan dismiss yourself, Satan stood and screamed, then vanished. Three bites were taken out of the bowl. Then all at once I was watching myself from a distance, walking with Jesus up a grassy pathway. Jesus was speaking to me but from a distance I couldn't hear him, I could see myself shaking my head (like I understand) then thru my eyes I saw the house where I had been sleeping. I didn't know what had happened; I'd never experienced anything like that, but I knew two things, I had to find a pastor to talk too, and I KNEW GOD loved me and wanted something from me...my total surrender, my life totally under his control, every second, moment by moment, and I was consumed with this one desire, to live too PLEASE HIM. Let me give you an example: When a friend from school would come over and say, "Hey rod." "Let's go to a show" I'd say, "hold on." Then I'd go in the bathroom and pray, "Lord should I go?" Sometimes the Lord would say "go", sometimes "no" At times He was silent, when this happened I would look inside, to my heart, (Spirit), (see Colossians 3:15) if I had peace I would go, If not, Id stay home. As I practiced this new desire, (surrender), I noticed the voice of the Lord became more frequent and clearer, (John 10:27). It always had to agree with scripture. The word of the Lord will always agree with the true meaning and / or the true interpretation of scripture). I knew I needed to get a bible, I went to a bookstore and I got the largest family bible I'd ever seen, with pictures and everything. I was so happy. That night the voice of the lord said, "Read Matthew 5." I had to look in the contents; I didn't know where Matthew was. When I found it and started to read, the words became a ("Word of the Lord to me") they just jumped off the page, they seemed to come alive, and they filled me, with hope, love and peace. Now I knew God loved me, and my sins were gone, I was forgiven... As time passed I grew, sometimes I'd walk into a busy office or building (like a D.O.L) and the Lord would say go sit by that guy, I would strike up a conversation, then say "you don't know me but I'm a Christian and God is going to share with me about your life" I don't mean simple things like "you have the flu" or "Headaches", but deep, personal things that others couldn't know or even guess. People would usually start to cry and ask "how did you know?" I'd say "I didn't but God knew". One of the best lessons from the Lord concerning trusting Him happened like this; I was traveling from Philly to Atlantic city, I got on the road, and started to hitch a ride, (it wasn't illegal at that time) within one hour and twenty minutes I was in Atlantic city (which was a one hour drive!) I got 4 different rides, as I stepped into each vehicle I boldly proclaimed "Hi I'm a child of the King, and God's going to bless you for picking me up!" God gave me very personal details about each of those people and all but one came to Christ. When I got to Atlantic City, God said "Rod, when you get to the prayer meeting tonight I want you to give all your money, to Johnnie Diaz". I said "Lord that's all I've got?" (About 300.00) God replied; "you take care of your brothers and sisters in the Lord and I'll take care of you." So upon arriving in Atlantic City, I secretly gave all my money to Johnnie, (this was to cover something for Johnnie that was very personal, so I know he didn't share this with anyone). That night I asked myself "how am I going to get back to work, tomorrow? I didn't have a penny, not even enough for bus fare, and in my spirit I knew I wasn't to hitch hike, but instead the Lord wanted me on the bus. After sleeping that night and leaving the brothers house the next day, (where the meeting had been held), I started walking to the bus station. As I got closer and closer, I was imagining, "is the drivers going to just "know" he's suppose to let me ride for free?" But as I approached the depot, a brother named "Chicky" came out of his house and said "rod I think the Lord wants me to give this to you." It was exactly what I needed for bus fare!

  • Windsor 519
    Windsor 519

    Remember when he was selling enough albums to chop up maybachs. Now he just drives farm equipment. Lol

  • Windsor 519
    Windsor 519

    Looks like he plays too much farm simulator.

  • mauricio ch
    mauricio ch

    hello my brother ... from Colombia I send you a hug ... stay firm in the way of the Lord Jesus Christ ... you are brave and I know that you will take many to the feet of the Lord ... God bless you kayne....!!👏🤗

  • JosefR

    Love him or Hate him this guy is Talented!!

  • Baggio otu
    Baggio otu

    Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world

  • Baggio otu
    Baggio otu

    Follow Jesus Christ always and your life will never be the same..

  • Mark Gallant
    Mark Gallant

    All the Satanism, illuminati, pedophilia, materialism, and greed finally got to Ye it would appear

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  • Radhey P.
    Radhey P.

    He killed that song just unlike how *Epstein didnt kill himself*

  • Ryan Bradford
    Ryan Bradford

    Hold up im not Korean!!!

  • Ryan Bradford
    Ryan Bradford

    Fuck EM TOO THOUGH !! HOLD FIRM!😎👀💪👽👼💖!

  • Ryan Bradford
    Ryan Bradford


  • Quentin Bradley
    Quentin Bradley

    im a sick frick

  • Thanwa Thna
    Thanwa Thna

    เพลงใช่มัย นึกว่าหนังสั้น

  • Anthony Barr
    Anthony Barr


  • Rlyhighopes

    please stop

  • Christel White
    Christel White

    I soooo want that snow cat!!!

  • Alejandro Avalos
    Alejandro Avalos

    Anyone know what brand that white vest is?

  • Alejandro Avalos
    Alejandro Avalos

    ID on vest?


    fuck kanye west

  • uncle vax
    uncle vax

    looks like western canada

  • Naomi Trejo
    Naomi Trejo

    Ohoo yeaah sounds good

  • Dej Washington
    Dej Washington

    Arguing wit my dad and he said it ain’t Christ like 🙄

  • приклад отверстие
    приклад отверстие

    Lol was this filmed on his Ranch 😂

    • приклад отверстие
      приклад отверстие

      Fml I didn’t watch the whole video first lol

  • Sjarnato Jar
    Sjarnato Jar

    U mean follow the devil u satanic trash

  • Tara Pelton
    Tara Pelton

    Necessary xoxox

  • TheOtherSide

    It’s not about our works or material possessions, being rich or poor, famous or infamous. It is about our hearts towards JESUS! God looks into our hearts because that is where the truth lies within ourselves!! God despises the proud and gives grace to the humble. We can sing and read scripture all day, and still not be saved! To be saved, we must accept JESUS into our heart and ask for forgiveness of our sins! This will begin a life long journey with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!! God is perfect Truth!!

  • madvillian11

    this dude is on one man. get yours I guess, just leave some for the rest of us, God willin'...

  • negro 7
    negro 7

    kanye is fake using the lord invain

  • T. Ray
    T. Ray

    It's Official.......His Mind Is Lost And GONE


    Dangerous ... not good for the industry if your against satan can cost your life

  • David Quiñonez
    David Quiñonez

    My lord ❤

  • paul u
    paul u

    Sit down

  • paul u
    paul u

    Stupid fool👹

  • Dej Washington
    Dej Washington

    18k dislike for what

  • Aireona Thompson
    Aireona Thompson

    This is dope :)

  • Vegard Elias Mathiesen
    Vegard Elias Mathiesen

    This is just a phase

  • IamGantz

    If west is such a Christian now, why hasn't he given away ALL of his wealth, as jeebus instructs us???

  • EleanorS Sales
    EleanorS Sales

    He will use Kanye in a MIGHTY way. Truly, no weapon formed against you will prosper...

  • infinity War
    infinity War

    This land mongolia\?

  • Mauricio Deleon
    Mauricio Deleon

    That shit is live af!!

  • Monty Campbell
    Monty Campbell

    I didn’t see this fire coming on this song.

  • Yolande Bramwell
    Yolande Bramwell

    I loved the script at the end. We got to read a little about his life, and understand, even for a little. His little, is BIG to King Jesus! Welcome Kanye! Welcome⚔

  • Cody McIntyre
    Cody McIntyre

    Kanye west : don’t worry Taylor imma let you finish but Beyoncé had the best music video in the history! Kanye’s dad: that ain’t Christ like.

  • Lionel Messi
    Lionel Messi

    kanye west father got jokes I died at the end

  • Mal'ee Striving
    Mal'ee Striving

    "A black man"!!!

  • Celimar Cruz
    Celimar Cruz

    I like this SONG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 💕💕💕

  • Kevion White
    Kevion White

    Kanye done alot of questionable decisions but this i gotta of say well done

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  • Kohle Green
    Kohle Green

    This goes hard😂😂

  • Disciples Heart
    Disciples Heart

    Praying for you #KanyeWest "PLEASE WATCH THIS BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!!! #TheSignOfJonah?!?! It's Almost Over!!!#Matthew12v39" on BGsoft bgsoft.info/hd/video/zXu52aO3tsqng44

  • Blah Blahblah
    Blah Blahblah

    Old Kanye Illuminati Kanye Christian Kanye President Kanye I’m just down with Kanye

  • Kell SharQz
    Kell SharQz

    I love this song Kanye! Keep it UP!!!!!! JesusIsKing!