Music - Stela Petrova
Lyrics - Rositsa Petrova
Arrangement - Chavdar Gochev - Charlie, Juan Diaz
Producer - Ivaylo Dyulgerov
Video director & camera - Georgi Kazakov

  • Bixxer Toms
    Bixxer Toms

    hello stela, is this channel still active?are you ok?I'm your new fan.greetings from Indonesia & good luck always

  • Nick Barbov
    Nick Barbov

    Gorges Stela, Вие сте наше съкровище и национално богатство! От десетилетия живея в Австралия. Когато Ви чух за пьрви пьт се втрещих и после изпаднах в умиление и гордост - сетих се, че и аз съм Бьлгарин. Поклон пред Вашият талант. Моля Ви направете концерт в Сидней.

  • Andrzej Gadget
    Andrzej Gadget

    Stella ... Super ... I love and admire ... greetings Andrzej from Poland

  • Kalle Katevuo
    Kalle Katevuo

    Amazing Stela, thank you for sharing a moment of grace today on 23.7.2019. I had one wish of hearing you play California by eagles today, maybe you did not receive this wish an I found myself listening this song instead.. A moment I will remember, remember, remember. My friend found out you from BGsoft, Its hearth touching for you asking a friend to come to smile and light your fire. That is what friends are for open to listen those who want to heal their hearts. Stela, you know in your hearth deep inside when they have found a friend and how to reach them out. Just dare to ask and be open to receive. Gratitude, you are gift to humanity.

  • örjan svensson
    örjan svensson

    I really liked your first appearance on x factor. Fantastic! innocent but with a lot of integrity. ! Just do what's in your heart. In this song i hear the lyrics but not my type of music. Your voice is still there. Just be happy!!

  • Camellia Peneva
    Camellia Peneva

    Иди до Щатите най-накрая да ошлайфаш английският иначе къртиш... :)

  • S AR
    S AR

    I do not know why the bulgarians prefere kind of music which is not really mofern anymore! Always 10 years back .... 😣. Stela, this is no good music for you. I saw you at super idol where you had short hair. This kind of mudic is your way, do not forget. Break out of typical bulgarian commercial music. This is not you. 💖💖💖💖 try and go ahead.

    • S AR
      S AR

      And: i am half bulgarian. So i know the music of bulgaria.... 😣

  • **

    Най-добрата до тук. Давай само така!

  • Mikelle Damiani
    Mikelle Damiani

    Стела, за мен ти си номер 1 в България!!!!! Никоя тук не е по-добра от теб!!!!!!! Ти си SUPER готина!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stiliyan Iliev
    Stiliyan Iliev

    Страхотна и след толкова време!!!!!!!!!....Поздрави от В.Търново!

  • Elena Kanturska
    Elena Kanturska

    Браво, Стела!

  • Giovanny Cano
    Giovanny Cano


  • Toni Vasilev
    Toni Vasilev

    Съветвам те да правиш кавъри така няма да пробиеш. Успех.

  • FastSteps

    Мила Стела, ти си уникално съкровище ! Благодаря ти за музиката !

  • robinfun21

    You're so beautiful and talented oh my God!!!!

  • George Veltchev
    George Veltchev

    back to the drawing board Stella ... this one is not up to your standards in my view ... trust me here ...

  • AngelEmanuela Spasovi
    AngelEmanuela Spasovi

    Unikalno .... Ne razbiram zashto vse oshte tozi glas ne e na pyrvi stranici i gledaniq ????

  • Svetoslav Angelov
    Svetoslav Angelov

    Такова яко парче не е правено от години,и ако зад теб стоеше Вирджиния,щеше да има над 20 милиона гледания!Световно ниво!!!

  • Jelio TV Жельомир
    Jelio TV Жельомир

    Браво на Звездичка 🌞⭐️🌓

  • Lil Ghosty
    Lil Ghosty

    Унукална песен +1

  • DoWhatYouWant !
    DoWhatYouWant !

    omg Stella, you have become more attractive :) The first thubs up is by me :)

  • Baro2206

    as always wonderful Stela! :)

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