Huawei's Operating System of the Future?
Are you wondering what Huawei's plan is since the US ban last year? Welcome to the full explanation and see how Huawei is building a future from HMS Android, to AppGallery, EMUI 10 to Harmony OS!
This video was made in collaboration with Huawei, however, they agreed to let me express things in the way I wanted to. Opinions remain my own.
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  • John Thimakis
    John Thimakis

    Thanks for sharing. 😉👌🏼

  • DevGAMER101

    Hi Arun. I would like to ask. I want to upgrade from the samsung a30 to the S10+ single sim. The only thing that rattles me as that the price difference between the normal S10+ plus and one with single sim, is around $300. Is this somethig to note? Could there be some lower specs? I LOVE the screen quality of Samsung phones, and dont want to save money and not getting the QHD screen on S10+

  • Nikola Petrović
    Nikola Petrović

    The devices work in harmony, anyone? LOL Check out and thank me later. Got mine few days ago, still can't let go hahah

  • Dean Rapadas
    Dean Rapadas

    My little pony XD

  • angelo abregana
    angelo abregana

    that was amazing...

  • Eghe-Abe Osagie
    Eghe-Abe Osagie

    Can you get harmony os on an LG smart tv

  • TheS50b30

    We already have that eco system with android why should we wait for harmony

  • vantheman1136

    Also - along with phoneclone - they have “spymoron option “ - linked with fastband width to CCP Anywho huawei is CCP’S blood money ::: it can go to hell. Say no to Chinese products - save ur country

  • Anderhils

    Yea.. not supporting communism even if they have superior device.

  • Korean Farmer
    Korean Farmer

    What about making a video about what the CCP gets more when you use huawei

  • Maciej Bańka
    Maciej Bańka

    Harmony os is Like Linux Android Windows IOS max os NICE

  • iCreakz

    actually impressed that Huawei is getting more famous

  • Ign Breeze
    Ign Breeze

    Its was like a college lecture and the best part,everything went inside my head .

  • happysmash27

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="512">8:32</a>: Not quite. A microkernel just means the kernel only includes the bare minimum level of functionality to manage different processes going on, with everything else, including filesystems, drivers, and networking, being run in userspace programs. Linux is a monolithic kernel (although with some loadable modules still), yet it can also run on many different types of devices. Something being a microkernel or monolithic has nothing to do with the type of devices it can run on. Rather, it means the kernel is much more stable, since no broken functionality in the kernel, like a broken driver, can crash the whole thing so long as it isn't the core microkernel itself.

  • Pranhav SB
    Pranhav SB

    Please reply

  • Pranhav SB
    Pranhav SB

    Mrwhosetheboss uploads Everyone :clicklitay clicklitay

  • LoudDesignStudios

    Huge mistake... Apple does not make any hardware...

  • Sauk Raya
    Sauk Raya

    Slowly and surely, every phone made in China will be using Google alternative. But wait, that it 90% of all smart phone. LOL. At an event in New Delhi, Huawei promised $20,000 per app for development costs, according to the newspaper Economic Times. In London, the website said developers were promised a 20,000 pound ($26,000) reward if they meet a Jan. 31 deadline. A video released by Huawei said the company has set aside $10 million to subsidize app writers in Poland. MeeTime and Celia is Huawei's answer to FaceTime and the Google Assistant respectively, HUAWEI CHOOSES DAILYMOTION TO REPLACE BGsoft IN ITS SMARTPHONES. TomTom closes deal with Huawei for use of maps and services: spokesman. Huawei partners with Qwant to provide search services on P40 series in Europe. Huawei Music is offering 3-months of free trial for new subscribers in Europe. EU spends millions to make next Facebook European. WhatsApp And Signal Replaced By New Mystery Messaging App: This EU Change Matters-Here’s Why.

  • azendant forces
    azendant forces

    Can I have a Winnie the Pooh home screen on harmony

  • Q-time hd
    Q-time hd

    I had a iPhone first than a Huawei and now a Samsung. But I've got to say in my photographic career the Huawei had the best camera

  • Gaurav Jit
    Gaurav Jit

    Only Chinese will buy Harmony OS 😅😅

  • Sourav Chakraborty
    Sourav Chakraborty

    Day=Night Light=Dark White=Black Original=China

  • Adriaan Cilliers
    Adriaan Cilliers

    Not one word about privacy...

  • Yayo.chan

    So its trying to be windows 8?

  • eri

    It's a clever concept, but it requires me to give contol of all my devices and personal information to a single company? No way! Maybe if there's a free and open source thing to do that.

  • Cătălin Ion
    Cătălin Ion


  • Shock

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="56">0:56</a> is that a cat, meow or something, what😂

  • forgottenweeb

    Android tv Android phone Android watch Chrome os Stadia

  • Gav

    His voice is so smooth, like Jerry's!

  • Amitabh Chakraborty
    Amitabh Chakraborty

    Hope Huawei will make their OS and other lacking stuffs. They literally have the best phones

  • Carlyle Fortune
    Carlyle Fortune

    Love your videos dude... Think its your accent...

  • maddo4

    Apple last time I checked Apple doesn't make their own chips, slot of their chips are from Samsung.

  • TermiDriver

    My little pony 😂😂

  • Ishwarpreet Singh
    Ishwarpreet Singh

    It is something very similar to Google's Fuchsia OS

  • WilzWorkz Wilson Wong
    WilzWorkz Wilson Wong

    To Aaron Part of the reason why MoreApps is not talked about a lot is that Huawei has placed geographic restrictions on where the app can be downloaded. Here in Singapore, I wanted to download via AppGallery but their search engine within the app is next to impossible. So did some sleuthing and I got this page and the actual APK download page too. As a reviewer myself I find that Huawei is its own worst enemy sometimes especially when they have things that can help users with the Mate 30, P40 phones. Anyway thanks for the tip for this app so at least I know there is an option other than going to Aptoid or APKpure which are not exactly user friendly either For those reading this's the URL

  • kingsley anim
    kingsley anim

    Huawei has a future

  • Richard Vrielink
    Richard Vrielink

    I'm inspired to get behind HarmonyOS by this.

  • korinogaro1988

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="402">6:42</a> what a massive asshole... PS. I hope "the long term goal" won't get more than a decade.

  • Ron Slater
    Ron Slater

    "whose the boss" is grammatically incorrect, why would anyone subscribe?

  • Daniel Sch
    Daniel Sch

    Great to see that they come back even stronger!

  • Moghal Baig
    Moghal Baig

    Huawei's Harmony OS is just basically being Linux-like OS whilst not trying to be... Google's Android is already based on Linux... But you gotta loveee the way how a new competition is emerging from scratch while also keeping good relations with Google and trying to lift the ban.

  • Víctor Almeida
    Víctor Almeida

    I must say your videos are awesome!

  • viraj dave
    viraj dave

    China ka dalal bahinxhod

  • ronald johnson
    ronald johnson

    i bought the p40 pro day after its release great phone i didn't mind about google services until iafter phone clone my mobile banking app wouldn't work so i said fine ill just use my laptop then as you know covid 19 struck and being 71 house bound now as you will be aware the gov are starting track and trace you know what i am going to say the app is on google ok its voluntary at present but what happens if it becomes compulsory will pres trump tell google to make it available or do the gov tell the software writers to make it for Huawei app store.hope you could get the information cheers mate.

  • Yi Hao
    Yi Hao

    Android just added Camera to their jetpack.

  • Grandpa Doggo
    Grandpa Doggo

    Why does it look like some kind of plan of skynet

  • Tilen Jeraj
    Tilen Jeraj

    So bad for all other phone manufacturers then HUAWEI. Next Amazon in a making...

  • Thomas Marshall
    Thomas Marshall

    Flawless transitions

  • Jack

    Wait I got Huawei and I got Google app store Ect

  • Shaun Of The Dead
    Shaun Of The Dead

    Not sure what clowns downvote your videos 😂😂 Just need to say.. you are well spoken, very clear and concise and present this knowledge in an easy to understand way.. Keep up the great work m8 👊

  • Karlo Rožić
    Karlo Rožić

    Anyone know when will HarmonyOS come on huawei phones in europe?

  • Muzaffar Aidid
    Muzaffar Aidid

    huawei thing 2018: harmony os in 2019! 2019: harmony os in 2020! 2020: harmony os in 2021!

  • casparjack tonybala
    casparjack tonybala

    Eventually I have to use 4 smart phone For better experience

  • Villipend

    You'd have to be an idiot to use any Huawei products. I'm not an American and I wouldn't even make a phone call on one of their phones let alone enter any data! Even here in Canada no major tech reviewer will recommend any Huawei product.

  • GauravXii

    But that's a Chinese phone. Privacy will be at risk.

  • Royale Youtube 527
    Royale Youtube 527

    Well its good but what if it got virus would it infect every thing? Bc they have same software

  • Jcarlos7x

    Anyone knows the name of the first background music?

  • Vive Jk
    Vive Jk

    I have honor v10 which is basically Huawei and they have added their own Google news alternative which is pretty similar but Google news is much better imo . They have even come up with their own Google play music alternative where you can subscribe to their service and listen to all the latest songs. However, I have noticed many bugs on my phone like home button(in display) disappears at times and calls get dropped randomly. Huawei still needs some time i guess.

  • faroq evaz
    faroq evaz

    Thanks that is great news

  • Michael Frey
    Michael Frey

    An American company that has complete 100% control over the entire phone ecosystem...yeah...I think we know and can see the potential downsides of that...especially if they go down the same path as Google and become just a little bit more evil each day. And I say that as someone who uses Apple products. A Chinese company that has complete 100% control over the entire phone ecosystem...yeah...good luck with that very short path to hell. And I love that you refer to it as Huawei’s Master Plan! You might as well have a sensor that can do everything implanted in your body. But...hey...guess we’re going there whether we like it or not. Guess the question right now is who is the least untrustworthy to value you as an individual human with some basic rights. I know the answer to that for myself...and it ain’t a Chinese company. But...progressing into the future, it’ll probably be 6 of one and a half dozen of the other, so I have no delusions that my choice at this moment is short-lived. I love tech...and it’s not nearly the problem in and of itself that the chicken littles say it is. It’s the motivation and intent of the people behind the tech that is the real problem.

  • ZafphkieL

    "Not Worth". coz huawei just want's to survive in their bleeding assets. they are in the edge of losing the game. their OS is just another 3rd party OS that we install when we rooted our phones. there is nothing new into it. that OS of theirs can't compete the versatility of Android OS. IOS is even useless, we can't even get the 64x in it. who buy's an iPhone? social climbers, for the name but not for the specs and durability. on the other hand Huawei will have it's end soon, they did a bad decision.

  • Chris Davis
    Chris Davis

    Huawei is too corrupt..

  • Abdullah Muhammad
    Abdullah Muhammad

    jealous from Huawei... although I can't afford even phone of 30 dollars............ but love oneplus 8pro, s20 ultra , and Huawei phones.. and this channel also....

  • Adam Vagus
    Adam Vagus

    I’m not a fan of anything from Red China however, more competition is always good.

  • Waris Aijaz
    Waris Aijaz

    basically , harmonyOS is the OS from the movie "her" , without the scarjo assistant, obviously, that's premium bitches!

  • Chayan Ghosh
    Chayan Ghosh

    Everybody forgot about windows phone

  • M. ayaan
    M. ayaan

    Most good loking technical instructor

  • Daniyar Nietullaev
    Daniyar Nietullaev

    Thanks for putting the timer on top. 👍

  • Songkiat

    miui 12

  • D Jay
    D Jay

    Surrender your information to authoritarian communists

  • Amit Akiwate
    Amit Akiwate

    Don't buy Chinese product.

  • Ali Mürteza Yeşil
    Ali Mürteza Yeşil

    Distributed Operating System: (Description for those who didn't understand what it means) Every device (also called node) in a distributed operating system provides a service. Every node talks to each other via network to extend each other's functionality. Together they give the illusion of one single monolithic system. Examples given in parentheses Advantages: • No node is mandatory. Nodes would still work even if all of them were separate systems, albeit with less functionality. (Refrigerator doesn't need phone to cool down the food. But phone allows refrigerator to notify about milk :) • If a node fails, rest of the system continues functioning. (Car continues working after leaving home) • Control can be centralized. (view car charge level on tv) (close all the curtains from living room) • It becomes easier to automate (when smart watch detect wake up between 6am - 8am, open curtains and start boiling water for tea) Disadvantages: • If a node is hacked, entire system can become vulnerable. • System can be vendor locked (make it dependant on one organization or company) • It can be very difficult to make system privacy friendly. - - - - - It is possible to build a distributed operating system with good security and without vendor locking or fear of privacy disrespect thanks to FOSS.

  • Kazi Tahmid
    Kazi Tahmid

    Isnt harmony os basically doing what amazon is doing with their ecosystem?

  • Deep Dave
    Deep Dave

    its sad to say you are promoting a CCP's phone that is involved in controlling 1.5Billion population like pig for slaughter... after 2 weeks of research.. i have just come to realize what the extend of CCP is....face the truth for once.. huawei uses the data for disinformation... to influence US election in their favour... where is your moral compass man?

  • michael bowler
    michael bowler

    Disappointing. I think we need a new os or more in the market

  • Lewys Cousins
    Lewys Cousins

    That was incredibly well made, Nicely done!

  • Lewys Cousins
    Lewys Cousins

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="400">6:40</a> - I saw that Arun xD

  • Zank Youtube
    Zank Youtube

    Hmmmmmm British Accent

  • - Me 2019
    - Me 2019

    Oneplus is going HMS!!!!

  • Chris S
    Chris S

    The ecosystem and sync for devices it's already being done by xiaomi. It's not new as you mentioned on the last part.

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