How To Restore a Rusty Knife
Today I show you how to restore a Rusty knife. Have an antique knife that you'd like to restore to mint condition? Watch this video to learn how! You'll be amazed and incredibly satisfied when your warned down blade looks good as new! It's incredibly easy to do - and you only new a few simple everyday household items.
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  • miosz

    Woow so nice thanks a lot

  • Adam YT
    Adam YT

    guys in any of his latest videos you just need to cut the triggered part and thats how yiubdo the thing you want to

  • Bart

    It makes me think, whoever is the farmer who owns the chickens that laid eggs later sold to HTB must be damn rich by now.

  • OP Islamic
    OP Islamic

    Thanks for telling me how to remove the bone shavings of my victims downstairs

  • New Kingdom Of Prussia
    New Kingdom Of Prussia

    This man can make eggs into a sub machine gun,

  • Jay

    i want to see a video title saying: how to get enough money to make another video after a how to basic video

  • David Fernando
    David Fernando

    It would be a great idea to open a restaurant with all the knife dishes where they'll give you the knife that was used to cook your food.

  • oksiv

    Thanks for tutorial (this is so hard)

  • Nicole The Beans
    Nicole The Beans

    Howtobasic makes wonderful videos but you can't look at a comments replys with out seeing "STOnLeN!!!11111" or something about the joke being overused

  • Marie Fiction
    Marie Fiction

    This gives me vast amounts of discomfort what the fuck is this and why did youtube think is was a good idea to show me this shit

  • Tiago Rock
    Tiago Rock

    I didn't see that was a How to Basic's video xd

  • Arabián Robinson
    Arabián Robinson

    New subscribers: "Oh, he must be done, the video stopped" Old subscribers: "Uh oh, here we go again, he is getting the eggs"

  • Jayhaul Manial
    Jayhaul Manial

    Most of this is just a joke

  • Washy Lazuli
    Washy Lazuli

    How to actually do it

  • SBJ123_

    How did how to basic get hold of a literal clever

  • jayesh patel
    jayesh patel

    alternate title: how to cook a cleaver

  • Fire Ball2
    Fire Ball2

    How does one clean a bloody knife. All mine are stained and i keep getting questioned by the police... :/ Can Howtobasic solve this?

  • nguntha iang
    nguntha iang

    Thanks a lot! You actually taught me! Now my knife is all clean. :)

  • Fotoreporter You
    Fotoreporter You

    Great tutorial

  • singing with kieran
    singing with kieran

    Glad to see channels like this still exist

  • slime114

    Video helped, I have successfully ate the kni-

  • TheSwiftyCart

    I feel bad for the people who actually wanted to restore a rusty knife.

  • ItzGrGaming

    It actually worked.

  • Muhammed .s.
    Muhammed .s.

    I miss the old ‚ how to basic' where he destroys everything

  • The Nazi German CountryBall\CountryHuman
    The Nazi German CountryBall\CountryHuman

    Fake, the knife was a paid actor.

  • Maksimilian Rogov
    Maksimilian Rogov

    How to make slime XDDD

    • Maksimilian Rogov
      Maksimilian Rogov

      Don't do that video howtobasic xd

  • Brazil Countryball Games
    Brazil Countryball Games

    *Eggs, eggs are always the solution.*

  • Leon Drawz
    Leon Drawz


  • Filip Šimek
    Filip Šimek

    you have big problem

  • Tizaman games _
    Tizaman games _

    How to basic with a bunch of eggs. You mere mortals can’t comprehend my ability to throw them at 99999999 mph

  • Bend over
    Bend over

    Did i miss a step?

  • Isabella Lamego
    Isabella Lamego

    How many eggs he have???? now i think that he is a chicken.

  • SToRMiX-YT

    Please I need a video of how to not move I’m losing

  • Vuk Tomic
    Vuk Tomic

    when I saw the eeg plushie was out of stock I screamed : NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Hitler with no mustache
    Hitler with no mustache

    ahh... youtube recomandations...

  • Matteo A
    Matteo A

    Old woman search: how to repair a rusty knife

  • cain

    didnt even realize who made the video until the toast

  • KingTutlez Anims
    KingTutlez Anims

    What if all his tutorials actually work but we never try them so we wouldn't know

  • Filip Heliniak
    Filip Heliniak


  • JenksimusPrime11 Prime
    JenksimusPrime11 Prime


  • BoogB

    tHe kiDS iN AfRiKa

  • thanks for 0 subscribers
    thanks for 0 subscribers

    You know why how to basic is the best? Because he is "EGGcellent "

  • `not animatic maker`
    `not animatic maker`

    *based on "five minutes crafts" channel*

  • Cheese Melon
    Cheese Melon


  • demon

    That's not a knife that's a cleaver

  • Ariuxas

    How many eggs do you need: How to Basic : YES

    • demon


  • Geomatics

    unclear instructions knife is stuck in my bum pls give fix

    • Chicken Reaper
      Chicken Reaper

      Cook eggs and it will fix 👍

  • Al Reynante
    Al Reynante

    I thought he was gonna do damage to the knife Instead he cooks it... noice

  • FoodyNooby

    this is my first howtobasic video and uh i think ill be staying for a bit longer

  • Александр Кулешов
    Александр Кулешов


  • Íţźý Āńńię
    Íţźý Āńńię

    After 4 years, I'm coming back to rewatch all of the funniest and great memories I had from this channel.... I missed watching it so much

  • P I N K L I F E
    P I N K L I F E

    This gets me at first intill he loses it.

  • Jenny Stasinopoulou
    Jenny Stasinopoulou

    This is how to not restore a knife

  • ZayDanRiv

    How many you have egg?

  • Khaos

    Challenge, make a video without editing

  • De Łeo
    De Łeo

    You killed me... i’m from italy😂

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    Joel Dwyer

    Wtf did I just see

  • John Abude
    John Abude

    This is stupid video because this video too old

  • Avraham Elitzur Berlinger
    Avraham Elitzur Berlinger

    Those people in the comments: OMG IT ACTUALLY WORKED!

  • SviftDDu098

    Nice spagetti)

  • The Suicidal Chicken
    The Suicidal Chicken

    Hehe very funny yaes angry man eggs hit things and make it funny heehee

  • Asdf1204

    General! the turrets weren't enough! fire the how to basic egg throwers!

  • Buddee Lee
    Buddee Lee

    Use a lemon.

  • Klik

    whoa this actually worked

  • Victor Hong
    Victor Hong

    Now day video is was better that old one

  • Tamaki Uchiha
    Tamaki Uchiha

    Your 40 Years old and still making this type of videos go make a family now

  • Namashi

    I mean what could go wrong?

  • Useless Starman
    Useless Starman

    this is what i like about Howtobasic it shows you how to do things only to ruse you at some point its surprisingly effective

  • Besik

    То чувство когда ты решыл это по приколу проверить и лайфхак сработал😐


    How to bacic is v sauce

  • Tape Samurai
    Tape Samurai

    It's universal channel

  • CloutRoyals

    What the hell is this i was actually trying to find a good video on how to restore a knife

  • Brant Pascale
    Brant Pascale

    thats not how you do it

  • Umit Uysal
    Umit Uysal

    The first tactic (using a toothbrush) actually worked

  • Rowbox

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="159">2:39</a> ASMR😂

  • Bald Phones2.0
    Bald Phones2.0

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="46">0:46</a> What your knife looks like after cutting a s’mores cake.

  • Enchanted Dirt
    Enchanted Dirt

    Man this guy is a bloody legend. He got 14.6 mil subscribers without talking and his face reveal

  • Ivan Kyr
    Ivan Kyr

    Perfect definition of aSmR

  • kalis emre
    kalis emre

    thanks for this tutorial but my kitchen is a bit fucked up, is that supposed to be like that?

  • Jakub Przybyła
    Jakub Przybyła

    One Word: *WD40*

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