Harry Styles - Watermelon Sugar (Official Video)
This video is dedicated to touching.
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Tastes like strawberries
On a summer evening
And it sounds just like a song
I want more berries
And that summer feeling
It’s so wonderful and warm
Breathe me in
Breathe me out
I don’t know if I could ever go without
I’m just thinking out loud
I don’t know if I could ever go without

Watermelon sugar high
Watermelon sugar high
Watermelon sugar high
Watermelon sugar high
Watermelon sugar

On a summer evening
Baby, you’re the end of June
I want your belly
And that summer feeling
Getting washed away in you
Breathe me in
Breathe me out
I don’t know if I could ever go without

Watermelon sugar high

I just wanna taste it
I just wanna taste it
Watermelon sugar high

Tastes like strawberries
On a summer evening
And it sounds just like a song
I want your belly
And that summer feeling
I don’t know if I could ever go without

Watermelon sugar high

I just wanna taste it
I just wanna taste it
Watermelon sugar high
I just wanna taste it
I just wanna taste it
Watermelon sugar high

Watermelon Sugar
#HarryStyles #WatermelonSugar #FineLine

  • Hyper

    Im waiting 6 months for this

  • clown crown
    clown crown


  • Gabriel Celestino
    Gabriel Celestino

    so cute 🥺💜

  • certainly madam
    certainly madam

    This song is a reaction to all the people always asking him all the time what his songs are really about, and who are they about. Now, there you go, answer in the first seconds of the clip ;) But unfortunately, what you saw once cannot be unseen;)

  • marinikaddhartha

    Ah lovely ! Also, I don't know but, for some reason, this makes me want to hear Harry Styles and Brendon Urie doing a duet / collab in this similar kind of vibe !


    Just imagine how sticky everyone was after shooting this...


    What a porn

  • Jacobzx

    Just another day for Harry styles, who's life is a constant watermelon sugar high

  • Dang Thai Son
    Dang Thai Son

    Idk why but I read the lyrics and the song’s name I thought he like period blood

  • J Hj
    J Hj

    wow now i actually like you harry styles!Oh and you should totally do some songs with one direction if you even get back together again bc lots of fans would love that!!

  • Dixie Normous
    Dixie Normous

    Harry must really like watermelon

  • Nikki De vries
    Nikki De vries

    is it me or does he actually say "watermen" instead of "watermelon"

  • Los juguetes de Emi
    Los juguetes de Emi

    I love harry

  • Keira

    Okay now I see why this is all over my recommended... I’m afraid 😂 I thought it was about watermelons but NO. AHHHHHHHHHH 😭

  • Joi Perez
    Joi Perez

    is no one talking about how there's no seeds in is watermelon

  • char pel
    char pel


  • Ahmed Irtiza
    Ahmed Irtiza

    That's a high for elite people

  • Ody Kids The Adventurer
    Ody Kids The Adventurer

    My favorit fruit😄😄😄

  • Kaiya Mcgurty
    Kaiya Mcgurty

    THIS IS A FAMILY SHOW...........orrr isss ittt?

  • victoria morra
    victoria morra

    this is the serotonin we all needed

  • Jean de G
    Jean de G

    “this video is dedicated to touching” coronavirus: *am i a joke to you*

  • persephone

    it hurts to see others living your dream

  • Ruth mbabazi
    Ruth mbabazi

    Just God be with you

  • Vimala Sivamorthy
    Vimala Sivamorthy

    Comments : I don't think he's singing about water melons *gets confused and thinks in a different way* Me : shit I was so innocent 😲

  • Raul Van Looveren
    Raul Van Looveren

    I want to eat watermelon

  • ain't that sweet
    ain't that sweet

    Guys out of topic but we need to realize that every person has the right to live. We need to change our mentality. We should all become anti racists. We want justice!!! George Floyd, you'll never be forgotten.


    So many people together in lockdown strange

  • Carmita Nieves
    Carmita Nieves

    This is art

  • Grace Smith
    Grace Smith

    Me: wow all these 2020 music vids are so cool Harry: *alright here’s a girl with a watermelon on her coochie 😌😌💅🏻💅🏻*

  • LeeNari Yasendra
    LeeNari Yasendra

    Well i never thought this song could get any weirder

  • David Robinson
    David Robinson

    some of the ladies can provide cream ain't life great at times! ;)

  • Ana Claudia
    Ana Claudia

    love youuuuuuuu

  • Amy May
    Amy May


  • Deastiel

    Me despising watermelon

  • Liam Johnson
    Liam Johnson

    Listening to this whilst eating watermelon 🍉

  • Pansexual Little Bitch
    Pansexual Little Bitch

    I can not handle all of the attractive people in this god damn video

  • Phalyka Sok
    Phalyka Sok

    Wow he eat watermelon yeah

  • Larry is real
    Larry is real

    Me going on the urban dictionnary after seing this : 😅😅😍😂

  • Tengman Sangma
    Tengman Sangma


  • Banana Nutella
    Banana Nutella

    Watermelons are so nice Harry Styles made a song about it 😋🍉

  • jelly bunny
    jelly bunny

    why does this video look so objectifying to women

    • Ale Far
      Ale Far

      Maybe bc you understood nothing

  • Alinda Hawrami
    Alinda Hawrami

    VOTE 1D HERE! WE CAN'T LOSE! www.billboard.com/articles/columns/pop/9354239/boy-band-virtual-happy-hour-poll-bts-backstreet-boys-jonas-brothers

  • Oucha sow .s
    Oucha sow .s

    Il resemble a nataniel dans stranger thing on est dacord ??? 😰😂

  • mellifluous lyrics
    mellifluous lyrics

    Finally found the person in our maths class who bought that much watermelons

  • Jennieswife Lisa
    Jennieswife Lisa

    Guys I don’t think he likes watermelons

  • Axtherric MSP
    Axtherric MSP

    k i n g

  • Anouck König
    Anouck König

    „This video is dedicated to touching” ~HARRY STYLES~

  • Directioner For Life
    Directioner For Life


  • Space and Time
    Space and Time

    *My little brother thinks this song is about watermelon*

    • Coconut Juice
      Coconut Juice


  • the deminician
    the deminician

    Harry öpen kızlar çok şanslı değil mi?

  • peeeak _46
    peeeak _46

    its very sexaul

  • peeeak _46
    peeeak _46

    this is horrible im thorry but

  • peeeak _46
    peeeak _46

    omg he made an actaul music video

  • Rania Tariq
    Rania Tariq

    THIS is what addiction sounds lik

  • V. Krishna Veni
    V. Krishna Veni

    Its a family show....or is it...!???? Omfg

  • life techs
    life techs

    a truly senseless title

  • Music PH
    Music PH

    Omyyyy harrryyyy😇 iloveyouuuuu

  • Girl Sufer
    Girl Sufer


  • Pushkar Ingale
    Pushkar Ingale

    After watching this video MX Player Officials: We want this content on our app!

  • Bipul Dhimal
    Bipul Dhimal

    waterman suger❤

  • Penelope Poon
    Penelope Poon

    I got an idea for merch. Get some sugar and put it into a container shaped like a watermelon. I'd buy it

  • Rukudzo chikweche
    Rukudzo chikweche

    Teacher: What have you learned from this video? Me: wATer MeLoNs TAsTe LiKe StRaWbErRiEs On SuMmEr EvEnInGs

  • Bien Vicoy
    Bien Vicoy

    Google searches "watermelon sugar definition"

  • Still a trash for 1D
    Still a trash for 1D

    the watermelon felt betrayed when he said “taste like strawberries...”

  • Blade Lewis
    Blade Lewis

    It’s weird

  • Mon Bebe
    Mon Bebe

    Захотелось арбузиков

  • George Esquivel
    George Esquivel

    What if he thought of this by eating water melon while high? lmfao

  • Gosling

    This video is just to remind us that he does indeed like women...

  • Jennifer Lugo
    Jennifer Lugo

    who stole harry’s ass

  • Melany Martinez
    Melany Martinez

    You sing good

  • rachel agulara
    rachel agulara


  • Siddharth U
    Siddharth U

    Teacher: A man buys 80 watermelons and takes it to a beach.. and shares it along with the girls.. how many watermelons are left? Nobody: Harry: Yes ma'am!

  • Mcwyn

    Harry Styles: Stay Hydrated.

  • um rat
    um rat

    i would sell my soul to be that watermelon

  • Feijul Haque
    Feijul Haque


  • Chaotic Dream
    Chaotic Dream

    0% percent sex 0% percent dr-wait a minute

  • Freya Meader
    Freya Meader

    Your so inappropriate

  • Chaotic Dream
    Chaotic Dream

    This is the perfect song to start the summer with

  • Vaishnavi Shukla
    Vaishnavi Shukla

    What a man.

    • Lmclean89

      a man who funds the looters and violent protestors....

  • Lu G
    Lu G

    amo su sonrisa