Fortnite Item Shop Update: *NEW* IMPERIAL STORMTROOPER SKIN! (Fortnite Battle Royale)
We got a new update to the Item Shop! We got the NEW Imperial Stormtrooper outfit! Fortnite x Star Wars collaboration!
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    If there Is bobba fett I’m gonna loose my shit



  • Fellowearthling16

    I got the notification 2 days after the video came out wtf

  • hi Lego gamer
    hi Lego gamer

    You can get it for free if you get Jedi fallan order

  • One Funny Boy
    One Funny Boy

    Wait 1500 for no backbling? And no edit styles? You literally pay more for the brand

  • Tommy Not On XBox
    Tommy Not On XBox

    I hope they will release a Rebel skin too

  • Boston Robinson
    Boston Robinson

    Show us your Locker

  • Pacman 257
    Pacman 257

    I'm literally 50 vbucks form getting it I'm so sad

  • Vernon Uzumaki
    Vernon Uzumaki

    I’m not buying this skin I wanna keep my aim good

  • LavaZombie 123
    LavaZombie 123

    Its so plain an het the best skin

  • Goku 275912
    Goku 275912

    Hope To get the Storm Trooper It looks Dope

  • Trash Panda 34
    Trash Panda 34

    Me: looks at stormtrooper skin Also me: looks at bank account *heavy breathing*

  • De Wae
    De Wae

    I will spend money on a darth vader skin

  • George Anthos
    George Anthos

    U waste so much money on this game

  • PeTRiFY Scythe [盟主]
    PeTRiFY Scythe [盟主]

    i've been wanting a star wars skin LETS GOOOOO

  • Missed The Joke
    Missed The Joke

    99% comments: bad aim jokes.

  • D.A.W.M Corporation
    D.A.W.M Corporation

    I literally love how so much people are dissing the Storm Troopers aim but actually it’s a proven fact that the storm troopers aim was in-human their aim was so so accurate. The reason why they had some trash aim because their mission wasn’t to kill rebels it was to get the intel or to capture the princess. That’s why in Episode V they demolish the rebel base on Hoth.

  • icydrippin

    When the games dying so you need to collaborate with every game and movie that exists

  • sans undertale gamer
    sans undertale gamer

    It's gone

  • Veoxius

    It should have been clone troopers with color styles and that it like I dont mind stormtroopers but I like clones more

  • Wittzzz

    I can’t afford it. Oof

  • Digital Dylan
    Digital Dylan

    Its for the game Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order.

  • Iced Out
    Iced Out

    Bad skin tbh just basic-.-

  • Woodpecker Iz Here
    Woodpecker Iz Here

    Original trilogy set most likely means there could be prequel and skywalker trilogy sets

  • Joseph Shannon
    Joseph Shannon

    I need someone to gift me the battle pass 😢

  • Flor u
    Flor u

    Hey hey hey wait comment squad *save your Vbucks*!?!? i got 2020 vision !!! Darth Vader

  • Cozmxc Games
    Cozmxc Games

    Nah fam come back when you bring out a Luke skywalker skin

  • Vipex on iOS
    Vipex on iOS

    The Jedi pack

  • Spicyy

    Who else clicked really quickly and is a true fan?😂 But I’m Śüßßing to ëvèryone who lįkėś and šùßs to me! 💯

  • Roxanne Wilson
    Roxanne Wilson

    Can u gift me epic account: ajtopv900

  • Hachem Allahham
    Hachem Allahham

    Click bait

  • Alysha Anderson
    Alysha Anderson

    How will your aim be worse, ik its a joke but i wanna know

  • dragonsmoke 16418
    dragonsmoke 16418

    Hope they get sued lmao

  • Itay Gamepaly
    Itay Gamepaly

    please uplowd the videos on another time befause I from country that this time is in the night (3:00) so please

  • Pigster

    Raise your hand if you want yoda as a skin! 🤚

  • Srry_ GAMING_
    Srry_ GAMING_

    Fortnite should add the imperial march as an emote

  • Idk Yet
    Idk Yet

    Wow the biggest star war fan can’t get that skin lol it hurts

  • CamyKaze

    "wow thats it?" you know were gonna buy it

  • Air Rick
    Air Rick

    If fortnite does a ltm for the startwars promotion we all know it's gonna be better then the actual star wars game lol

  • DarthWill77


  • R Harkin
    R Harkin

    Season 11 is better than season1