Dua Lipa - "Don't Start Now" Live | MTV EMA 2019
Dua Lipa serves us a gorgeous performance of "Don't Start Now" at the MTV EMA 2019 in Seville! This is the world premiere performance... you seen it here first!
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  • MTV International
    MTV International

    You've all been waiting. Now, here it is! 🔥💎Thoughts on Dua Lipa's performance? 👇

    • Leo Ademaj
      Leo Ademaj


    • Alex Perez
      Alex Perez

      Emerald absolution ,,, she’s the new QUEEN of Pop.!!!!!

    • Alex Perez
      Alex Perez

      David Ruiz ,, entonces no la escuches pendejo. Que lastima que no tienes buen gusto idiota !!!!!

    • Alex Perez
      Alex Perez

      reda saidi ,, please google Europe MTV 2018 Rosalia. Anerican Grammy’s 2019. And view her iconic videos if you have time. You could thank us later. Rosalia is pure 🔥 !!!!

    • Desi Paz
      Desi Paz

      Reminds me of disco 🥰 love it! Makes me wanna dance!

  • Dww Gaa
    Dww Gaa

    Still waiting for +Dua Lipa do duet or featuring with Indonesian popstar @agnezmo

  • salvadoroars

    Dua is that cool chick you want to cheer on because she actually listens and try to improve instead of thinking she's already the best whatever. Also Love her 2:01 gurl is having fun trying those moves 😍😘

  • lemprodgk

    I have to save this in my favorite.

  • grafik skins
    grafik skins

    Who knows the name of the dance crew?

  • A. X.
    A. X.

    0:35 - 0:42 : Me in the mirror

  • Eduardo Sousa
    Eduardo Sousa

    Arrasou dua lipa

  • Edwin Rivera
    Edwin Rivera

    She was present for EVERY SECOND of this performance. She FELT this.

  • Karen Glez
    Karen Glez

    All the concept was perfect!! The choreography, the color changing... her best performance so far

  • Björn K
    Björn K

    Dua Lipa is so hot and Amazing 💯❤️😊

  • Seperti Api
    Seperti Api


  • Patricia Wake
    Patricia Wake

    I love this performance the best so far. Her AMA was great, the camera angles were crap, which is obviously not Dua Lipas fault.

  • Teacup

    best live performance I’ve seen in 2019

  • rainjustice38

    hot hot hot

  • Ameliya Shentayeva
    Ameliya Shentayeva

    Будущая реклама Билайна:^)

  • Bernardo Comassetto
    Bernardo Comassetto

    1:56 MY WIG

  • See and Believe Watch and Learn
    See and Believe Watch and Learn

    She told MTV, “AMA’s make some noise!” Sips tea when watching art

  • Kenneth Magarin
    Kenneth Magarin

    1:55 all time favorite part. ☺️👍

  • Mr尋

    lady Gaga …………

  • Alice Silva
    Alice Silva


  • Hii Arriane
    Hii Arriane

    1:56 I SCREAMED!!! Girl knew she snapped with that moves

  • Ratih prajna paramita
    Ratih prajna paramita

    Yass Queen 👸

  • rubydotmy

    amazing voice Dua Lipa!

  • mika hakinen
    mika hakinen

    2:17 Ooo my godnes

  • Helga Pulga
    Helga Pulga

    perfeita porra

  • Precious Minda Desa
    Precious Minda Desa

    Love 😍

  • Chucky chuck
    Chucky chuck

    Love the way she took back the mic very seamlessly 2:04

  • Alyssa Miranda
    Alyssa Miranda

    Shes definitely been doing dance lessons, im so proud! Shes beautiful!

  • NineNz ฟังเทศ ฟังธรรม
    NineNz ฟังเทศ ฟังธรรม

    Dua Lipa is so talented xoxo 💕🥰💖💫💖💖🥰💫💫💫 love you

  • PreciousDegamon

    Dua: “Full 180” Also Dua: *does 360*

  • Lommy

    From disliking this song I am addicted to it.

  • souLmauri


  • Jon Clark
    Jon Clark


  • Joya Lewis
    Joya Lewis

    Sis snapped hard! Yes Dua!

  • Marta Sb
    Marta Sb

    I love her and wish she made a collab with rosalia

  • Amalia Ryan
    Amalia Ryan

    Why do they have to dress her like a skank though !!!

  • Malinda Reed
    Malinda Reed

    I like her but this is cringeworthy 😭😭 I-

  • Dorian Peterson
    Dorian Peterson

    I love this girl!

  • leah corina
    leah corina

    Wow girl

  • The sound Of one hand clapping
    The sound Of one hand clapping

    Outstanding! So sexy, boy can she move those hips! Thank you to the cameraman for keeping it locked on the PERFORMANCE! So annoying how most awards shows continuously pan to audience reaction. I’m not watching the show to see the audience?! Only wish there would have been a little more of the close up shots. The performance was great and how bout those legs! Wow!