Devil is a Part-Timer: A McDonald's Isekai
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Today I take a look at the Anime we are still waiting for a season 2 for, the original reverse isekai that is the devil is a part timer.

Edited by: Bakashift
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  • robbie wholsome
    robbie wholsome

    H O W V E R Y L I K E A L I G H T N O V E L

  • GuitarGuruGaming

    Lol the good old emilia vs rem joke

  • TheUndefined Gamer
    TheUndefined Gamer

    And come on, its ED was a banger Gekka by nano.ripe is probably my favorite anime ending song, its just so chill and upbeat.

  • moarfunxd

    I like how when gigguk was listing characters he just showed Chiho's boobs for Chiho

  • Joseph Messick
    Joseph Messick

    Hey Gigguk have you seen an anime for every letter of the alphabet? It's a challenge I gave myself last summer and it's harder than it sounds! Although I gave myself the restriction of only counting "TV" classified animes so no OVAs ONAs or anything like that. You should do a video on your favorite anime for each letter of the alphabet!

  • Daniel636

    It aired 7 and a half years ago, I was in my first year of high school... damit, time sure flies. Seriously, I've been reading spoilers about the novel all this time, read all the transalted volums and haven't realised how much time it has been.

  • Allan Watatani
    Allan Watatani

    2:33 beatsaber

  • nosaint317

    This was the first full anime tv series my mother watch, she binged watched it. Done in one sitting.

  • Gamerboi03277

    This video got me to watch the devil is a part timer


    It's really a shame. All these really good animes, that nowadays little ones can't compare to, might never get a sequel and this new newer copycats get 2/3 seasons instataniously. 😭

  • kunai

    Chiho kinda thicc tho.

  • Simpson

    how to sell a huge downside of your product as a positive: you get the first character for free! meaning: every fucking character costs money and the game is just trying to milk you.

  • zpuddy


  • Gregory Sears
    Gregory Sears

    A great anime. 10/10


    I love how Lucifer/Urushihara is literally the oldest one out of all of them and he's only on Satans side because he's bored of anything/everything so his one and only enjoyment is being a NEET/hikikomori sponging of his legal guardian.

  • 爆豪勝己

    This reminded me of Miss Kobayashi’s dragon maid-

  • JQ Dan
    JQ Dan

    I rewatched it recently and it's really good and refreshing. It's something I want to get obsessed with. Also emelia literally has evil guy eyes

  • Abtahi Ali
    Abtahi Ali

    You mean wcdonalds

  • Ozukai380

    Game not available in my country

  • Kimyona SQD
    Kimyona SQD

    That's rem not Emilia you ABSOLUTE APE

  • E O
    E O

    4:19 😂😂😂 chiyo

  • David Dacus
    David Dacus

    bruh it’s the best

  • OmniCritZ

    when you run through the characters and see everyone is portrait except the big booty b***h

  • Aboudi

    you, a unsophisticated weeb: we need a season 2 me, an intellectual: we dont need another season to tarnish this masterpiece of a classic anime (seriously we dont want what happened with one punch man S2)

  • boywonder 247
    boywonder 247

    5:21 I really thought this was a butt

  • Sara Arlavi
    Sara Arlavi

    This was the show that made me want to become a writer


    I miss it :(

  • Nate or Die
    Nate or Die


  • Wai Kyatt
    Wai Kyatt

    Why, i hate his game because it doesn’t let me play it even though it says it can

  • Velosa

    Genuinely one of my favourite anime

  • Manu Saraswat
    Manu Saraswat

    4:22 Chiho has me dying..

  • koka gamer
    koka gamer

    One question I never understood how where Is the devil and Lucifer as separate characters aren't they the same person in ather shows/anime and I don't know the bible

  • Unclaimed Username
    Unclaimed Username

    In regards to the Premise of TDiaPT, I really wish that were its own series. I feel that, like Isekai, fantasy shows have kind of fallen into the "if we don't parody it, it's shit" territory where we aren't allowed to unironically enjoy the story of a plucky hero fighting against evil. There's always got to be some """subversive""" Twist™ like the demon lord is actually an economically-savvy titty monster, or the hero is overly cautious, or the entire party is made of degenerates... Frankly I'm as tired of """subversion""" as others are of the genre and it's tropes. Deconstruction is great, but it serves as a double edged sword that will make you jaded to the tropes and cliches. What I want is a *celebration* of those tropes. I want to have a show or manga come out that understands that the tropes are a bit overplayed but at the same time reminds the reader/viewer of exactly WHY those tropes are used so often. I want to see the Hero standing atop a ruined tower. He's beaten and scuffed up, and still reeling from his friend's noble sacrifice but has to push on because that's what a Hero does. The Demon King starts his monologue, slowly stepping forward with all the confidence of a man who's transcended the concept of mortality. The first few notes of the opening theme starts to play as the Hero takes one faltering step, then another, and each step gets stronger and more confident until he's roaring and charging with his Holy Sword held ready. There's a bombastic fight, and just as the song hits its climax, the Hero makes the decisive blow and finally returns the land to a more peaceful time. Is it cliche? Yes. But just because someone gets a familiar taste doesn't mean it can't be done in a masterful way. To use the tried-and-true Food Analogy™, it's a matter of making a sandwich. Sure the process is familiar, and the ingredients aren't anything special. But that doesn't mean it can't be enjoyable, if not delicious in its simplicity. And if a masterful hand is the one behind the dish, who's to say it can't be gourmet?

  • Unclaimed Username
    Unclaimed Username

    Remember: the FATE series is essentially a reverse-isekai battle royale.

  • Jiko Colita
    Jiko Colita

    "This is a 6-year old show..." Me: So I've been suffering for 6 years, hoping for a season 2.

  • FilezPlays

    went and watched the entire series just so I can get some context before watching this video

  • Joseph Jones
    Joseph Jones

    Log horizon

  • Jonathan Molina
    Jonathan Molina

    Imagine if they worked on chick fil a to try the lords chicken

  • Immort47

    Me: When will this show get a season two? Japan: When Ash Ketchup catches them all.

  • Byron S
    Byron S

    I loved ‘Devil is a Part-Timer’ and if I remember I saw it after marathoning ‘Queens Blade’, which was painful.

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