Death Stranding - Part 10 | Higgs Boss Fight
Getting REAL close to the ending of Death Stranding. We have some housekeeping to do though, namely beating the Higgs boss fight! Continuing our Death Stranding PS4 Gameplay Walkthrough.
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Tomorrow Is In Your Hands
After the collapse of civilization, Sam Bridges must journey across a ravaged landscape crawling with otherworldly threats to save mankind from the brink of extinction. From legendary game creator Hideo Kojima comes an all-new, genre-defying experience for the PlayStation®4 system.
In the near future, mysterious explosions have rocked the planet, setting off a series of supernatural events known as the Death Stranding. With spectral creatures plaguing the landscape, and the planet on the verge of a mass extinction, it’s up to Sam Bridges to journey across the ravaged wasteland and save mankind from impending annihilation.
Starring Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen, Léa Seydoux, and Lindsay Wagner.

  • jacksepticeye

    Only 2 episodes left after this one gamers!!

    • Soulless Pinkamena & Pinkamena Diane Pie
      Soulless Pinkamena & Pinkamena Diane Pie

      "Yeah Boyee!" ahaha :3

    • Brandon G
      Brandon G

      Makes me sad 😂 I’m loving this series will be sad to see it end.

    • Jacques McCallum-Lind
      Jacques McCallum-Lind

      The correct term is 'widow' or in this case for Sam it would be 'widower'

    • Bryan Omfg
      Bryan Omfg

      DJ SQUISHY That’d be interesting tbh lol, but I’m sure it’s only with humans. Good question though. I can’t be certain if they ever explained why they desire humans.


      I have a question. Do animals have Beaches? Or does that only apply to humans? And if so, can Animals cause voidouts?

  • Ooh Gotcha
    Ooh Gotcha

    OMG he looks so cute at 37:34 >w

  • theamazingzia

    how the fuck is norman reedus older than my parents thats bullshit i cant do this

  • Ledjoric Vermont
    Ledjoric Vermont

    if Lou's memories is when Clifford is alive then BB-28 has been functioning since a century ago?

  • M. Hawk
    M. Hawk

    Higgs: *Licks everyone in the face* Jack: I hope Troy doesn't lick my face the next time I see him

  • Bluberry gamer
    Bluberry gamer

    What if some BT’s are the still mother’s

  • Christina B.
    Christina B.

    Jack's theories on evolution...has uh, has he not played all the way through Soma? Because that sounds like Soma. And Soma was terrifying BECAUSE the robots wanted to assimilate with the humans.

  • Shuma Atiqunnassa
    Shuma Atiqunnassa

    1:38:05 jack’s face 😂

  • Joseph Sackett
    Joseph Sackett

    Jack: I never use climbing anchors. also jack: this cliff is going to hurt.

  • Catalina Arellano
    Catalina Arellano

    Jack:"I love shadow of the collossus" Kojima:(spits out dirty bean water) "Hold my beer, let me just create a giant BT monster that will fuck you're shit right up"

  • John Chin
    John Chin

    I felt like jack placed too much ziplines but end up with all 0 likes. It really makes me sad, sorry Jack...

  • Xanman Skaggs
    Xanman Skaggs

    Did he just explain all of Detroit become human

  • Dan Pratama
    Dan Pratama

    "Lou is adrenaline junkie" Hell yeah, he likes when I raced my car or bike on roads, He likes when we use zipline.

  • Mitchell Gallagher
    Mitchell Gallagher

    Just making you fall out of the truck after some bumps just shows they got real lazy with the vehicles in this game

  • Angelina Corbin
    Angelina Corbin

    So…mindless robots…great

  • Klumsy Gamer
    Klumsy Gamer

    So, I have two thoughts from the talk at the start: First, on the subject of particles annihilating when they exist in the same place. It isn't just supported by scientific theory, it's essentially been observed. It usually occurs in binary star systems where one star has turned into a white dwarf star. A white dwarf is basically the core of a star that's lost its outer layers, so it's extremely dense. The important part about it being in a binary star system is that the white dwarf's gravity will pull some extra material from the outer layers of the other star to itself, slowly increasing the mass of the white dwarf. The fun part is that, when a white dwarf reaches 1.4 Solar masses (a solar mass is how much mass our Sun has, and we use it to measure the masses of other stars), the pressure from gravity pulling all the mass to the center becomes so strong that the electrons of the atoms in the core get pushed into the same space, but because two things can't occupy the same space, the particles annihilate and make a type Ia supernova. Because a white dwarf always explodes at the same mass, a white dwarf will always explode at exactly the same brightness, meaning we can figure out how far away it is from us. My second thought is about still-mothers. They could feasibly do it ethically by taking someone who's already brain-dead and impregnating them in-vitro, then removing the baby after it's grown enough. This assumes they have the tech to keep a body fully functioning without the brain running things, which I think they do. They could also make one still-mother have multiple BB's, so they shouldn't need to make very many still-mothers. This whole thing could be totally wrong if there's a requirement that the mother be alive when the BB is conceived, but I haven't seen anything that says that. I love that you took the time to have a talk about this stuff, the concepts behind Death Stranding are so fascinating and I've loved going through it with you! PS Third thought: Average lifespan has increased by about 30 years (from about 45 to about 75) from 1900 to 2000! That's crazy, much more than I expected. PPS Good god, thank you for mentioning the Batman in the rain thing, that channels dubs are hilarious!

  • Kenyah McIntosh-Brown
    Kenyah McIntosh-Brown

    “Remember when BTs were a threat and scary?” I still find BTs stressful!

  • Cecilie Vestergaard
    Cecilie Vestergaard

    Jacksepticeye - episode 9: Higgs Subtitles - episode 9: Eggs xD

  • Rev Zsaz
    Rev Zsaz

    Jack, The Animatrix talked about your point on Human-A.I. coexistense too. If you haven't seen or haven't seen in a while, it's worth a look 😊 The chapters are both parts of The Second Renaissance

  • demypeace

    10:09 ave you played Detroit: become human? That's exactly what you are describing! androids wanting to live with humans and be recognized as beings rather than machines. that's exactly the plot of Detroit: Become Human.

  • Blue Angel
    Blue Angel

    Seàn: "Oh I dont need the rocket launcher: Me: "YES YOU DO!!!"

  • Kleinerdeal

    Heartmans beach visitation reminds me of the uber sleep Rhythm.

  • Jason Asamoah
    Jason Asamoah

    We do physically evolve. But it's takes thousands of year to clearly see a difference. One example is the average height of humans. It has steadily increased the passed hundred years.

  • Schlepian

    So you asked what We are doing when watching these videos. Basically it's on my side computer screen most of the time while I grind in a video game. Or on my main screen when it's near bedtime and I use it to calm down and get ready for bed. I definitely enjoy watching you play this, as it does have a unique interesting story. But the gameplay is definitely not something I'd be interested in, and when I play I normally skip over a lot of dialogue and would have missed much of the things you go over in detail. It was a lot of fun listening to all of your theories and experiencing this world through your eyes.

  • SamusV4

    1:19:45 *Jack staring at the audience* Me: Yes. Shit grenades.

  • Blue

    Oh god its muggles can't see dementors and you have to have seen someone die to see thestrals

  • The Gaming schmeltedCheese
    The Gaming schmeltedCheese

    jack is in (BT) BOSS TERRITORY

  • Dominic Green
    Dominic Green

    Wished he changed his suits colour scheme @ the boss fight opportunity missed

  • Robin Bo
    Robin Bo

    35-40 is middle aged? I'm 36. I do not consider myself middle aged. Middle age. Pffft. Also, LOVING this game so much!

  • Sami Jasharoski
    Sami Jasharoski

    The whale looked like the glow whales from Subnautica Below Zero


    We're going to the moon using the beach

  • Arai

    I got so into this game I recently bought PS4 Pro Death Stranding Edition, this game blew my mind and how outstanding the story is and the gameplay as well, me and my girl have been having so much fun with Death Stranding, talking about conspiracies and theories and stuff about the game and story. I'm up to 105h into the game, cleared it about more than a week ago but trying to get the platinum trophy for it. :)

  • Jordan Lewin
    Jordan Lewin

    10:50, pretty much the SOMA plot

  • Cameron

    To add to Jacks brief talk on evolution, the primary reason we don't is evolution is very *VERY* slow naturally, its only really forced upon species by harsh times, but, with humans, due to our technology, even the "weakest" of us, the people who'd freeze faster from less hair/fat, the people who need more to eat, the people who generally cant adapt to the natural world all still live, and can pass their genes on. Evolution works when those with unfit genes die off, when those organisms don't die off, there's a state they enter known by biologists as "Genetic Equilibrium" in which genes don't change from generation to generation, functionally stopping evolution because for the current environment, we don't need to change to live, and in turn, wont.

  • DwnRange

    It would nice if you'd post the time ya quit the psycho babbling and get back to the game.

  • Insane GAM3S
    Insane GAM3S

    19:08 start of playthrough

  • Insane GAM3S
    Insane GAM3S

    FYI 1:01 she would be called his widower

  • NidoTheGamer

    1:26:27 BuTt TiMe

  • Michela Berardi
    Michela Berardi

    When they pass away, I believe you say “late wife” which implies that they’ve passed.

  • Haley Johnson
    Haley Johnson

    So when he pees while in the timefall am I the only one concerned for Sam’s member lmao? 🤷🏻‍♀️

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