Hey chicas 💕HAPPY HUMPDAY! today's video we are comparing Boxycharm v.s Ipsy Glam Bag Plus. Which box is better? let me know your thoughts in the comment section! xoxo
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Boxycharm January:
Briogeo Milk Reparative Leave-In-Treatment $12
Ofra liquid lipstick "Havana Nights" $20
Tarte Rainforest of the Sea $36
Tatcha Face Mask $24
Billion Dollar Brows $18
Ipsy January:
Briogeo Milk Reparative Leave-In-Treatment $20
Vasanti Lipstick pencil $23
Hey Honey Facial Serum $45
Tokyomilk Parfum $36
EYEKO liquid eyeliner $22
Violet Voss Mini eyeshadow palette $18

MUF Stick Foundation "Y405"
Huda Beauty Faux Filter "Macchiato"
Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear "410 BIS W"
Bareminerals BarePRO "Pecan"
MUF Ultra HD "Y405"
Tarte Rainforest of The Sea "Tan Sand"
Maybelline 24H "Golden" *lil dark*

Hi! My name is Karina aka OhMGlashes! I live in Utah, where we get tons of snow (YEY!). I am originally from Las Cruces New Mexico, YUP! PROUD MEXICANA HERE!. I have a HUGE passion for all things beauty. On my channel you will find Makeup Hauls, TONS of Makeup Tutorials, Dupe Videos, and so much more! Want to stay updated with all my new videos? GO ahead and subscribe to stay tuned. XoXo

-Camera I use: Canon 70D
-What hair dye do you use?: One 'n Only Argan Hair Color "Blue Black"

boxycharm january 2019 boxyluxe

  • Madison Taylor
    Madison Taylor

    I loved watching this sooo much! I really love your channel! My BGsoft channel is very similar if you want to check it out! I encourage you to come see, and feedback is welcome! If you do enjoy my content, feel free to subscribe, comment, and like so I can welcome you to my BGsoft family! :)

  • blown away
    blown away

    Omg. Eyebrow 101

  • Zoe Whitehead
    Zoe Whitehead

    I just like Ipsy cause of the bags💀

  • seriouslyscrapping

    Hi sweety..thank you so much for that...can I be honest...your eyebrows seem very drawn on not natural looking at all and you put on far too much eyeshadow.

  • Dawn Lindow
    Dawn Lindow

    Ipsy wins.

  • Alondra Rendon
    Alondra Rendon

    Your Really Good At Doing Your Eyeshadow! Looks Great !

  • Sharose h
    Sharose h

    First tine seeing your channel . I like these kind of reviews informative & right to the point , not draggged out

    • Oh!MGlashes

      Thank you!

  • Stephanie Martinez
    Stephanie Martinez

    What hair dye do you use to achieve this perfect black shade??

  • joyce fischer
    joyce fischer

    on oct 15, I sent 120. dollars for a yearly subscription on nov,3 I was charged 18. dollars which you tool from my charged card on dec 1, you charged me 25 dollars also taken from my charged, tell me whathappenem to the 120. which I paid you with my charged card. I sent you an e-mail about this you thanked me for the e-mail but never helped me with this problem

  • Mua Ammo
    Mua Ammo

    Hi, have you tried The Beauty Gadget Subscription Box yet?

  • raji fonte
    raji fonte

    Who else came here 2 c that gorgeous make up look she created?

  • Brenda Mantilla Almeida
    Brenda Mantilla Almeida

  • Elacey C
    Elacey C

    Your nail polish color is gorgeous! 💅

  • Isabel Cameron
    Isabel Cameron

    I'm thinking about trying out one of these brands, which one is better?!?!?

  • Kadesha Glean
    Kadesha Glean

    I’m confused they ask u what u like so when most item wasn’t things she liked I was confused 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • trippy queen
    trippy queen

    Your eye makeup is STUNNING.

  • trippy queen
    trippy queen

    Those palettes from the boxycharm thoooo!!!! I am debating of leaving ipsy for boxycharm

  • hotmessmom keller
    hotmessmom keller

    Which one is better? I am looking for make up some skin care and some hair products. Thank you for doing this video? Would you do me a favor and go subscribe to my channel? Thanks much 😀

  • Caitlin Trueman
    Caitlin Trueman

    Me and my mom are thinking of getting one

  • love the hot mess
    love the hot mess


  • Shelby Phillips
    Shelby Phillips

    Ipsy all dayyyyy

  • Jade Gonzales
    Jade Gonzales

    take a shot every time she says “personally”

  • Sonja Bekken
    Sonja Bekken

    Video starts at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="82">1:22</a>

  • Dorinda George
    Dorinda George

    Just subed♥️ love your channel

  • Dorinda George
    Dorinda George

    Hi karina, what was the weight on your boxycharm??

  • Wood Lacast
    Wood Lacast

    This girl is a Módel

  • Nizamul Amin
    Nizamul Amin

    hello i m from bangladesh

  • Ally Moore
    Ally Moore

    Ur brows 🖤

  • Naomi World Citizen
    Naomi World Citizen

    *Your eyebrows are HORRIBLE.*

  • Morgan Leonard
    Morgan Leonard


  • Mila Inside-out
    Mila Inside-out

    What is the sound effects with this vid? Is it supposed to be thunder?

    • JustJessi e
      JustJessi e


  • Dakota Bickers
    Dakota Bickers

    I want to cancel my subscription but do not know how and no one will show me from customer care they have messed up my order and said I ordered June 2nd and said they would not get it until the third week of July if already charged my card I'm very upset I want to cancel my prescription and nobody will help me and somebody please give me that at the 1-800 number because the number that they've got down the 1 888 number does not work

  • H Sassyk
    H Sassyk

    That nail color! Love it

  • A G
    A G


  • Ruby Andrews
    Ruby Andrews

    Hey my teeth to be gapped and I started using the rubber bands from a orthodontist office..I put the rubber band around the four front teeth and it closed the gap. I love them now

    • Samantha Moentmann
      Samantha Moentmann

      OMG I DID THAT TOO!! Back in 2006 or 2007 and it worked SOO fast to close the gap that made me have buck teeth. So cool I've never heard of anyone else doing that. 😄

  • Rosie Islas
    Rosie Islas

    I actually thought you looked prettier without makeup. Love your hair.

    • That one YouTuber !
      That one YouTuber !


  • Elyse Kristin
    Elyse Kristin

    Hi am now can you reply to me please

  • Cari Munoz
    Cari Munoz

    I love your nails! What color??

  • SableTheGreat

    Great video love it!!!!🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • Maribel Rodriguez-Arjona
    Maribel Rodriguez-Arjona

    Ipsy won

  • Erica. M
    Erica. M

    God most annoying person on earth chill asshole

  • Lupita Ramos
    Lupita Ramos

    Boxy charm is my favorite

  • Harley Stenzel
    Harley Stenzel

    I love the way you insert clips into your videos of you putting it on!!!

  • Belinda Sanchez
    Belinda Sanchez

    Wow I’m all for boxy but I have to give it to ipsy wow I hope I get this same box from ipsy I’m supposed to for the month of June crossing my fingers

  • day dreamer
    day dreamer

    Can someone tell me if they like Boxyluxe or Ipsy glam bag plus more??? I’m having trouble picking which one would be better lol

  • Morgan Leigh
    Morgan Leigh

    I’m going with neither I haven’t tried this stuff out myself tho

  • Ashton Sumpter
    Ashton Sumpter

    The background shit gave me a headache 😂 but ey content

  • Diana B
    Diana B

    Those prices these companies display in those attached magazines are so fake... sometimes I find exactly the same products in TJ Maxxx, Marshalls and even in Burligton for like $4 - $5...

  • Kari Tacoma
    Kari Tacoma

    Which is better ipsy or BoxyCharm? I’m trying to decide which one to subscribe to.

  • Madeline nall
    Madeline nall

    I usually have to skip through review videos but you are really good with getting to the point, showing the procduct and moving to the next point. Id subscribed hope to see more fabulous😉😉😉

  • Carolina Eye Candy Beauty & Relaxation Lounge
    Carolina Eye Candy Beauty & Relaxation Lounge

    Great video! 😘😘

  • Ava Binschus
    Ava Binschus

    ipsi definitely


    Cool content!! Keep the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) We love referral codes & Links!! Thank you

  • tay

    sis needs to buy some braces

    • Oh!MGlashes

      Wanna buy them for me? Because my teeth don’t bother me. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Ashlee DA
    Ashlee DA

    She way to picky 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Misty Reedy
    Misty Reedy

    I absalutly love this look you have created with your boxes. Amazing job... 💗💗💗

  • Kristi Valdez
    Kristi Valdez


  • Crystal Bartelson
    Crystal Bartelson

    Ayyyy!! Utah living here too! 😉

  • Sarah Holliday
    Sarah Holliday

    Ipsy for sure, I’ve been very disappointed with boxy the last few months

    • It's Kay marie
      It's Kay marie

      Sarah Holliday me to I just cancelled my subscription 😕

  • Y izzie B
    Y izzie B

    You are sooo pretty!! New subbie, awesome vid !

  • Consuello

    Idk but her voice Is sooooo annoying 🙄🙄🙄

  • mariana vazquez
    mariana vazquez

    constructive criticism, those eyebrows look way too boxy.

    • Bride of Chucky
      Bride of Chucky

      It’s all about preference.. I’ve shaved off my eyebrows to achieve Vampira’s fabulous brows. And I love them while others think it’s ugly.

    • Dakota

      it's all on brow preference

    • Mariah

      Her brows look fine

    • s h i l o h
      s h i l o h

      mariana vazquez in her their videos u can tell that’s ur natural brow shape. I think they look fine though

  • Myrna Rivero
    Myrna Rivero

    In New to the boxcharm ,my ipsy bag always sends me tiny samples I don't like it .I had no idea you can receive full products from Josh il try to order the pricier one.

  • Tristyn Rutherford
    Tristyn Rutherford

    Her eyebrows are so different from each other

  • Tinisha BEYOND MAKE UP
    Tinisha BEYOND MAKE UP

    I love the colors on you... And I didn't know ipsy did the box thing too, I just get the glam bag 🤦

  • Emotion Goodman
    Emotion Goodman

    No offense but is she transgender,she reminds me of Nikita Dragun

    • C H
      C H

      Wtf, people just say whatever the hell is on their minds these days huh

    • FłøāWøłf

      MO's STUDIO As far as we know she isnt

  • Rebecca Cortes
    Rebecca Cortes

    What is that noise in the back round?

  • Ana cla Zelaya
    Ana cla Zelaya

    Ipsy! Diff won

  • Anna Baker
    Anna Baker

    I would prefer boxy charm over Ipsy because Ipsy you get mini sized and it’s more expensive

    • Iris S
      Iris S

      If you pay 25 it's full size products actually!

  • Aaliyah Esparza
    Aaliyah Esparza

    what black dye do u use babe??

  • Sassy D
    Sassy D

    TFS! Boxycharm won for me!

  • Faith Luttrell
    Faith Luttrell

    Does anyone else hear the weird stuff in the background at the beginning

    • Lindsey Wekenmann
      Lindsey Wekenmann

      Faith Luttrell omg yes I thought I was going crazy

  • MzClementine

    I’m so disappointed with Ipsy. Sooo. For me to get the bigger box, they want me to cancel my subscription which I pay yearly. And re purchase just a month to month box. And then I can purchase their lux box. Seriously 😒 First off. Why? Every January I pay off the year subscription. I have read many reviews that people are still being charged as well as did not receive their refund. Why must I pay more monthly to subscribe to their larger box. Ummmm no. Seriously 😐 quite bothersome! Boxycharm made the process simple and easy. I do the same process, I pay yearly because of the savings and I don’t want my account to be charged monthly it’s easier to have the savings and I know what is coming out each year. Plus I save a bit. I have emails back and forth from Ipsy, that I could just purchase a monthly box on top of my yearly box I pay for to purchase the lux box. Seriously 😳 They are issuing me into charges and boxes I don’t want. Since I payed this January for the Ipsy box, next Christmas I’m going to cancel. I actually have another bank account I am going to transfer my payments too. And canceling and shutting down that account as to not be over charged as some have been complaining about. So irritated about that issue. The only reason I keep them - Ipsy is to give their things away to some of my friends that can’t afford much makeup. I truly don’t like their boxes! I feel they are geared towards the younger generation. I’m sick of coral blushes, glittery shadows along with eye pencils... nope. I’m over them. Sooo over them. Boxycharm seems geared to the more mature woman. Yes I still get some foils and glitters from them. And they are given to my sisters-in-law which is 14 years younger than I. But at least I am able to try better products from Boxycharm. Ipsy. Has put a nail in the coffin for me. Nope. I’ll be done with them next year!

    • Alexandra C
      Alexandra C

      I see that you posted this awhile ago but in the future if you ever have a problem try talking to your bank or credit card company about it. They can get your money back. It's probably easier if you use a credit card than a debit card but either way they can help you

  • yoomeydie Xd
    yoomeydie Xd

    lol i keep thinking one of ur brow is higher than the other

  • Kelsey Rose
    Kelsey Rose

    Constructive criticism.. the brows need help girl.

    • Melissa Turcotte
      Melissa Turcotte

      They're two different shapes. One has an arch, the other one not so much. I still wish I had her talent though! I can't fade my brows lol. And eyebrows are sisters, not twins!

    • Kitty xoxo
      Kitty xoxo

      @Oh!MGlashes i think your brows are fine, everyone has their own style and if that works for u, then at least they look clean and neat, i've seen some horrendous ones and mine are usually not even done when i make a vlog, so dont worry LOL

    • justine o.
      justine o.

      Constructive criticism, learn how to wing your eyeliner 🤷🏽‍♀️

    • MzClementine

      Oh!MGlashes your brows are beautiful! Don’t listen to her! This is coming from young woman... don’t listen to them. You do you boo. I think you’re perfect just the way you are! And that sharp point is perfect!

    • MzClementine

      Awww. Seriously what’s wrong with her brows? She may not have allot of brow. And she is doing the best she can with the brows she has. Are you claiming she needs the natural feathery brow look. Her brow hairs may grow different! Mine certainly do. If I brush mine up they disappear my hairs grow downward. I get compliments on them all the time. And I’m like really? Thanks... because they are not you typical on fleek kinda trending brow. To each his or her own. I think her brown look perfect their hers, not yours.

  • D Nince
    D Nince

    Ipsy for sure!!💕

  • Venna Milano
    Venna Milano

    I’m sorry. I couldn’t finish watching. I cannot stand when these girls add all the extra syllables to words. UGH!!! 🤢

    • Jasmine Chair
      Jasmine Chair


  • Michelle Manuel
    Michelle Manuel


  • Eva Butcher
    Eva Butcher

    For me it was definitely Ipsy this month I got the tarte volume 3 the highlighter palette on my skin tone I look washed out I was hoping for the sizzle palette. Enough whineing. The lip color looks divine hermana thanks for the video stay blessedly

  • Laronda Harris
    Laronda Harris

    I like the "battle of the boxes"!!! I totally agree with you that this box was very underwhelming...but I still love boxycharm

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