Ashley McBryde - First Thing I Reach For (Official Music Video)
Ashley McBryde - First Thing I Reach For (Official Music Video)
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Music video by Ashley McBryde. ©2017 Warner Music Nashville LLC.
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  • Rob Old
    Rob Old

    That is real good country music keep putting those songs out. Female mearl haggard

  • Zitzloff120

    Love the oldies sound to this song!!!

  • Lisa Reihart
    Lisa Reihart

    I can’t get enough. I saw you at the Bryce Jordan Center in February and then Mr Smalls a few weeks ago. The March 28 show was going to be my birthday present. I’ll need to find you when this craziness ends. Until then, it’s instagram and Facebook live. Wash your hands and don’t touch your face. Have a taco.

  • J Spann
    J Spann

    love me a telecaster and music that sounds like country should

  • Martha Johnston
    Martha Johnston

    I'm loving this steel guitar and a little of old, great country music, what a great band and great musical talent from Ashley McBryde I truly enjoy your music

  • rogelio salazar
    rogelio salazar

    Liquor and Ashley mcbryde is all I need. ThIs Mexican loves you woman.

  • Just Steve
    Just Steve

    Feeling like it's all going against me at the minute. When I'm like this i always turn to your tunes to pick me up.. Thank you x


    Hi love !!...planning to come to france soon ?..... waiting for YOU !!! and kisses !!

  • Donna Marie Pszoniak
    Donna Marie Pszoniak

    Ashley is down to Earth "" just Love her Voice& Style """💓💓💓💓🎶🎶🎶🌹🌹

  • john capone
    john capone

    Man that's some good stuff! She is country times a thousand.

  • rebecca watkins
    rebecca watkins

    You Are So Blessed Love To Hear You Sing Pure Country Girl

  • Marsha Alayne Petty
    Marsha Alayne Petty

    Damn Ashley, again you bring us a TRUE Country song👍🏻 Love you,and your music😘💓

  • Jennifer Lynn Gibbs
    Jennifer Lynn Gibbs

    Hell. I didn't know yall were filming in oxford! You already know I love you and your music but kept ending up at the smoke shack thing bc all the buds from jb, memphrica and in between were all there.

  • tracey hayward
    tracey hayward

    Awesome song . Love it

  • bygmeg

    Love this ❤️😍 hopefully get to see you this week

  • Jeepgirlcj7

    I love the vibe of this song, true county roots. We need so much more of THIS!

  • Greg S
    Greg S

    It is great to see new artist with an old sound/soul. Keep up the great work!

  • Beverly Sue Kwityn
    Beverly Sue Kwityn

    Cool song

  • Susie Jackson
    Susie Jackson

    One day I will see you girl. love it.

  • Pansy Vaughan
    Pansy Vaughan

    Love your new music

  • Nitro Ted Stephens
    Nitro Ted Stephens

    WOW!!! Ashley you never cease to amaze me!!! You can’t make this stuff up!!! Your a true bad ass!!

    • Reb Fan
      Reb Fan

      Bruh, I'd never heard of her, she sho can sang. But I'd rather just listen than watch...if you know what I mean.

  • Cara Edington
    Cara Edington

    I love the Merle Haggard and Waylon vibes in this song!!

  • Stella Blue
    Stella Blue

    Does anyone know where this video was recorded?

  • Caroline Pearce
    Caroline Pearce

    Crying this is so good

  • Kate Lendley
    Kate Lendley

    The sound of this song reminds me of Loretta Lynn. I am very excited about the new album.

  • Joe kempton
    Joe kempton

    Out Fkn Standing track!

  • Ryan Villasenor
    Ryan Villasenor

    Ashley, if I’m not mistaken, sounds like you missed the last stop. Is that a “Shit!” I hear right before the last turn? Hahaha

  • Tara Lange
    Tara Lange

    I love twang of the steel guitar.

  • galiuro

    This song was featured on KXCI 91.3 in Tucson

  • Jimmy Smith
    Jimmy Smith

    Someone sings real country these days. I guess that's why its not on the radio. Way better than back roads and drinking beer in my truck and all the stupid shit. I'm a country boy 100% but there's only so much u can beat a dead horse and that shit gets old. That's why I listen to the red dirt.

  • Terri Clay
    Terri Clay

    Wow this is awesome!!

  • Dana Lucas
    Dana Lucas

    Ashley McBride, you and your kick ass band is what country music has needed. Keep um coning lol

  • James Emory
    James Emory

    Ashley comes out in 2020 swinging for the fences! And I be damned! She’s clearing them with ease. 🍻


    Finally, a song, that's actually about me 😊

  • Denys Wright
    Denys Wright

    OMG you did it AGAIN!!!!! I Love Love Love it! Keep them coming!!!!! Girl going Somewhere!!!!

  • Reba Avery
    Reba Avery


  • Amy P
    Amy P

    Soooooo true!!

  • FastingBastard

    Love that traditional country sound! Great song! 👍👍👍👍👍

  • Wes Bone
    Wes Bone

    One badass song from one badass upcoming queen of country music!

  • K Bower72
    K Bower72

    An Angel is singing again to me Amen

  • Allan Macek
    Allan Macek

    Girl, I love your Voice! Keep keeping it Country! ❤️💚💜💛

  • Ronald Cash
    Ronald Cash

    whiskey drinking bad ass with a awesome voice!!! love her

  • Tina Howard
    Tina Howard

    Love it 💜 Hell yeah keeping it Country 🎤💜🎵 Kinda reminds me of Patty Loveless. I can relate to this song. Love the Lyrics.

  • alex mullen
    alex mullen

    cant wait to see you in ireland in september Ashley , love all your songs xx

  • Chubby Vegan Girl
    Chubby Vegan Girl

    I fucking love her so much! I love that she's got such a beautiful "old country" sound! ❤❤❤ She's JUST what country music needs right now!

  • David Ault
    David Ault

    love this song

  • David Ault
    David Ault

    good song

  • Jesse Cole
    Jesse Cole

    I love EVERYTHING about this woman! ❤

  • Lynn McD
    Lynn McD

    Please come to New Jersey! 👍 You are my favorite country singer.

  • Rebecca Sutton
    Rebecca Sutton

    Reminds me of Tammy Wynett. Love it

  • Ron Smith
    Ron Smith

    Do you have a release date for the new album?

    • Lisa Flynn
      Lisa Flynn

      April 3, 2020

  • LaurieAnne

    keepin in real....REAL country that is!! love ya girl!!

  • kgalganski316

    I love it. Ashley McBryde is such a true country artist.

  • S.L. Ballew
    S.L. Ballew

    Traditional country sound, love the lyrics! I think we all can relate to that! Another awesome song Ashley! You were working hard yet laying low for so long, then all of a sudden you come into Nashville like a wildfire! You’ve got everyone’s attention! You are an incredibly talented artist....writing, playing and singing your songs! And to top that, you drive an old classic Chevy truck! You’re definitely one BADASS GIRL!! You show everyone how it’s supposed to be done! You ROCK Ashley!! Keep on keeping on!!

  • ValenTina Plasaj
    ValenTina Plasaj

    Wow! ---- this is awesome! Beautiful!

  • Tracee Blackmore
    Tracee Blackmore

    I love your music Ashley McBryde!!! You are an inspiration to me as an aspiring country music artist!! Can’t wait to one day see you live! :)

  • USRT23 CountryAF
    USRT23 CountryAF

    Keep it coming! Let's promote like minded singers BGsoft search USRT23 Mark! Join us! It's CountryAF!!!

  • arhawkes

    please come north of the border and do a show in Vancouver!!

  • John Coffman
    John Coffman

    Love it and the steel rides

  • Michael Matos
    Michael Matos

    If the mark of a good song is sing-alongability this one checks the box. Great song.

  • Sarah Yates
    Sarah Yates

    LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!! Is there a repeat button!? Please make a stop in Illinois sometime, you've got fans here dying to see you!!!!

  • courtney miller
    courtney miller

    A very traditional sound!!! LOVE THIS!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Jody Harbin
    Jody Harbin

    Ashley, yet another awesome track from you...keep it up sister..your gonna rule the ya..

  • Outdoor Flair Function
    Outdoor Flair Function

    Love it! Super country and love her voice!

  • Jon Sanders
    Jon Sanders

    Ashley is a whiskey drinking badass

    • Frankie Lynn Gales
      Frankie Lynn Gales

      Jon Sanders as per EC

  • SNC Idaho
    SNC Idaho

    Ashley, THANK YOU for bringing country music back. This is REALLY a great song! However, I would like to point out that there is something wrong with your webpage...............Idaho's not on your tour. What's up with that?

  • Rob Bloor
    Rob Bloor

    Real country music

  • Mark Burton
    Mark Burton

    Poor, no closed caption! Unfortunately!

  • ladylacy64

    This pure country!

  • 113

    Thank you for saving my life.

  • Jason Simmons
    Jason Simmons

    Lorrie Morgan is your long lost voice twin

  • Bob Burroughs
    Bob Burroughs

    Left-handed but play it right. :-) Love it Ash.

  • Lisa Flynn
    Lisa Flynn

    Omgoodness!!! Amazing-great two step song with a great shuffle and pedal steel and a kick butt hook!!!! Well done Ms. Mcbryde! Thank you for the great songwriting that tells OUR stories!!

  • Joan Bowden
    Joan Bowden

    Damn, Ashley McBryde u been watching me my whole damned life? Now you've done gone & made a song about it? Yoo-hoo & hot damn, girl! Ty!

  • 817droopy

    Love it!

  • Steven Rankin
    Steven Rankin

    I like like her

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy


  • Cassandra Stauffer
    Cassandra Stauffer

    You never disappoint!!! I love all your music!!! Can't wait to see you in May!!!

  • Allen Madding
    Allen Madding

    This is great authentic country music. Will country radio play it? 😂🤣😂👍💯🤘❤

  • Brett Bryant
    Brett Bryant

    “And you’d think a girl on fire would stay away from gasoline.” Sadly, that experience is not gender-specific but I thank God in Heaven for a woman whose love and prayers have gotten me past the years where I could have been the one on fire.

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